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Keeping Urine Good

Discussion in 'General' started by FaTaL, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. Okay had my friend piss for me today, at about 9 PM PST. I had nothing he could pee on so I got a old pill bottle of mine and had him pee in that. Now my test is tommorow at well it can be anywhere from 4 pm to 6 pm. For my tests noone watches me so I can just go in and do whatever I wanted in the bathroom. Now I don't want to wait until I get there to have someone pee for me, that would be the last resort because only 2 people actually don't smoke in my group and sometimes they do smoke and tommorow they might not be clean. So anyone have any tips on keeping it warm enough or fresh enough or anything? The bottle is sealed tight nothing can get out of it so I don't beleive any air is getting to it. Thank you in advance for all your help.
  2. idk about it goin bad on you...
    also, i dont know the circumstances of ur testing so you may want to keep it between your legs for a while or in an armpit to keep it warmer.
  3. Last week I put bleach in my urine and this week the results came out and the lady goes "This is the lowest I have seen you, I am very proud of you". And I was like booyaka, so anyway what I did was take the piss and put it in a condom I then tied it in a big knot at the top and put it between my legs and took the part with the knot and hooked it onto my belt so it would stay there and noone could see it. So I had it between my legs for like 2 hours so I hope it was the right temp.
  4. Really all depends on if they run any tests checking for additives...
  5. I gave the bleach to my friend thats in the thing with me and he put it in there too and they didnt say anything to him, he said he smoked like a 8th the day before and his level was only like 150. So I am guessing that they couldnt tell the bleach was int here unless they were looking for it maybe or smelled it alot, dunno.
  6. For the record, for anyone who has clean urine and wants to hang onto it for a little while...

    "Urine samples are best collected with the addition of ascorbic acid to urine to prevent oxidation of labile metabolites. Fifty mg of ascorbic acid may be added to 50 ml of urine (1mg/ml). The urine should be placed at 4 degrees C immediately, labeled, and frozen at or below -20 degrees C within 8 hours. Remove any precipitate before freezing by centrifugation. (*Note, I skipped that part and mine stayed good for months.) Samples may be stored frozen at -20 degrees C for several months without loss of metabolites. Avoid long-term storage of frozen urine samples in frost-free refrigerators. "

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