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Keeping things organized

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EEIET, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Hey I was wondering if you guys had ways on keeping things organized and safe when it comes to distributing to people several times a day while living with your parents. I have a lock box with all of my smoking things and there is just tons of keif mixed in on the bottom from months of heavy use. i dont want to get too serious into distributing but it is difficult to stop
  2. Just make sure you're stashing it somewhere safe. I keep everything in my freezer in my minifridge. My mom has found every other hiding spot other than there for some reason. It would seem like the most obvious place to me, but apparently not to her, hah.
  3. yes selling it is even more addicting than smoking it...but i dont think we can discuss that here.

    just proceed with caution, id rather be paranoid and free than reckless n locked up
  4. See thats the thing im being too reckless i have a lot to live for lol a nice job school family wtf is my problem

  5. way to true
  6. I suggest if you're hiding it from parents, keep all your equipment (spoon, grinder, scale...whatever) in one spot, and the weed in 1 or 2 other spots so if you get busted, it's not for everything.

    anyways I like to keep all my stuff in a pencil box, so i can just grab it and get what I'm looking for, instead of having to look for my spoon, rummage around for a lighter, etc. If you're selling i guess you could have one box for personal use and another with a scale, baggies, and most of the stash.
  7. Keep all your stuff in one spot and have that spot be somewhere private, but at the same time not a sketchy spot. I would recommend putting it somewhere in your bedroom so you can weigh out all your stuff in your room before you go out. When I was doing the dirty in high school, I would bring about a Half O on me and hangout with some buddies for a few hours and when people hit you up just meet them somewhere. Just make sure you are only leaving your house once after you get back from school, otherwise it gets sketchy.

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