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Keeping the smell out of the hallway

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AllCityKing, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Okay when I'm at my parents house I'm kind of on a don't ask don't tell basis. They don't care what I do in my room as long as it doesn't smell out in the hallway. The only problem is I'll lay a towel down, open windows, and somehow it will still smell out in the hallway. What should I do? Are there any good smell proofing methods I am missing?
  2. Open a window, put a WET towel in your door, use a fan if possible, and lastly use a SPLOOF
    theyre very easy to make. search it
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  3. I've been doing all that except for the toilet paper roll. I'm to lazy to do that. I think I found the problem though. My door wasn't really sealing right in the middle.
  4. Incence
    They work the best and a sploof takes litterally one minute
    But with the incence you should be good if you have the door sealed with a towel
  5. Incense are the way to go. If your parents are okay with your house smelling like such for a good long time. Incense linger! But they also set a very chill mood that's good for settling down to! :)
  6. A blower or sploof is deff worth the 2 mins it takes to make, also blow the smoke right out the window instead of sitting like afew feet away from window if ur doing that. Dont let it cherrie either, put it out, i dont think that makes a huge difference though
  7. use a sploof and blow it straight out ur window and u shud be fine
  8. in the words of Ludacris...."Fire, fire, got me so tired i'mma stop, drop -- and rollllll // put a wet towel under the doooooor".
  9. honestly you need to put a towel over the top of the door not just under, the heat along with the smoke rises and a draft can still go through the top crack.
  10. Put weather stripping around your door!

    It works wonders.
  11. incense is a good idea but once people see you have it in your room...

    that basically says "hey, I smoke weed but I don't want you to know"

    so if you're comfortable with that, get some incense :)
  12. Go outside! :eek:
  13. Man, smoking outside is such a pain in the ass.. I have the same thing going on with my parents. They let me smoke and do shit, but the smell of burning weed irritates my moms sinuses (weird, cause she used to love smoking weed) so I have to keep the smell out of the rest of the house. Here's my method of stinking up your room without stinking up the rest of the house... I guess I'll make it a mini-guide.

    Materials: (* = optional)

    4x Thumb Tacks

    1x Large Down Comforter, big enough to cover your door. Get the puffiest mother fucking blanket you can find, because the thicker it is the better it works to keep the smell out.

    1x Any Article of Clothing or Blanket

    1x Incense*

    1x Oscillating Fan*

    Here we go...

    1. Lock your door. If someone opens your door, the blanket gets fucked up and throws pins everywhere. Trust me, it sucks to look for those little pins in a mess of a room. Like finding a needle in a haystack with a twist; the needle might find you before you find it.

    2. Close your vents.

    3. Take the big down comforter and the 4 thumb tacks and hang it over your door. If you can't find one big enough to cover your door, use two of them. Make sure to pin it up about 6" above the door, and have everything nice and tight so no smoke can get through. More pins can close the blanket up more, but I find that 4 works just fine.

    4. Stuff a few t shirts or a blanket or something under the door crack so it's completely closed off. Be generous when stuffing shit down there. If there's any space where you can see the door or the edges of the door, you know you've done a bad job.

    *5. Light some incense and put it on a shelf near your door. Keep lighting new sticks or cones or whatever whenever you need to.

    *6. This isn't even at all necessary unless you are going to have guests in your room or something, but open the window and put the oscillating fan next to it, with a chair for you to smoke in or something. You don't have to be right next to the window, but the closer you are the less smell there's going to be.

    7. Light that spliff and get high! :smoking:
    .|.......................... .....................|..

    8. Make a sploof out of a toilet paper roll and dryer sheets and blow the smoke through this. This is only if you want to have no smell except incense in your room. I never use mine, but I have it just in case my parents have friends over or something. I don't even need it, because the blanket is good enough, but it's a precaution.

    Hope that helped. ;)

  14. Put one of these in your room and vent outside:

  15. LMFAO! When I was in high school (in the mid 90s) we used to make these things all the time so our parents wouldn't smell it. Except everyone I knew called it a flubee (flew/bee). They work relatively well, it just depends on how your smoking. They work best if your puffing on a regular pipe that isn't gonna burn very much between hits and let a bunch of extra smoke into the room. Not as well with joints or blunts, for obvious reasons. As for bongs, the sheer volume of smoke most bongs and similar pipes produce can be a little too much, although I suppose it just depends on how your going about it.
  16. He was too lazy to put a towel down and some of you invested time in long replies.

    Be an adult and go outside.

    Make enough money and get your own place is the next thing on the agenda.

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