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  1. Well there's this girl who I really like. She recently told me she likes me as well. We're not going out or anything but we're still in the stage of getting over the awkwardness. Every day at school we walk together after first period. Problem is we sometimes find ourselves not knowing what to talk about or random awkward silences occur.

    Now..this isn't a huge issue and I'm sure we'll get over it eventually. However I would like any suggestions on how to "keep the conversation going" and avoid those silences.

    Any advice is welcome. Thanks in advanced. :rolleyes: :wave:
  2. sorry man im no good at this either, heres a bump for luck tho

  3. The second that the idea of the conversation stalling, or the idea that you have run out of things to say, is what does you in. Once that idea gets in your head, it won't stop and you're pretty screwed.

    Conversations will flow naturally when they want to, and they will be stilted and awkward when they want to be. If you meet the right girl and you two play off each other well enough, keeping a conversation going would never even enter your head...

    It's kinda like the same philosophy you can attach to erections. The second you start thinking about sustaining an erection is when you start to go flacid.
  4. It's alright. Thanks though. I'm assuming everyone has this problem at first and the only way to get past it is to get comfortable with her.
  5. Thanks. The thing is...we started talking online last summer. We would talk for hours, but it was only text. We never really talked in person. Only a few weeks ago when ended up in the same class is when we started talking in person. I just won't think of it being awkward anymore. Hopefully that works.
  6. just enjoy the silence with her, you don't always need to talk
  7. usually just ask how was their first period class...maybe did u get alot of home work, what you doing after school, and then the conversation should flow from there, sometimes a girl will mention something and you can contiune on that subject. just listen to her and make sure not the think the whole time about wut to say.
  8. LMAO, quite funny.

    As Foop was saying, a conversation will flow naturally. You don't have to think about it at all. Ask her what she does on the weekends, show interest in those things maybe. Also, if you don't have anything to say, she may desire to initiate conversations, and then you just talk back naturally.

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