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  1. I have used clear and blue plastic 1/4" line to feed my drippers in a bubbleponics environment. The lines lay atop the cover of the top tank. They are under the lights all the time. They clog up with algae daily. I am trying black lines now but they are so stiff I cant manipulate them or nail them down in a 20 gal plastic Hydro tank.
    How does anyone else deal with this problem? Is there a better 1/4" line?

  2. Damn, good question. I bet you're using the black line they sell for irrigation systems? That's what I used to build my DIY chiller for my DWC bucket and it is rigid as hell! I use a clear line on the side of my bucket for a res level indicator and haven't had any issues with algae. But it's not right on top under the light like yours is. I would try one of two things: wrap the clear line in black electrical tape (at least the part under the light), or paint the line with flat black spray paint. The electrical tape would be easier because it wouldn't chip or flake off. But depending on how long the line is, it might take a while. Let me know what you figure out. Never know when I might need the info as well!
  3. thanksJD
    Too much distance for the tape. Flaking a problem with spray paint.
    Gotta try flexible black tubing. Dont know how or where
  4. Sounds like you're using black 1/4" polybutylene. Go with 1/4 vinyl, or even better but more expensive silicon. Both can be purchased in an array of colors including black.
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