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Keeping Smells ouTta Cars

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by WookiesAreCool, Jun 27, 2004.

  1. hey y'all i just got a new car a Honda CR-V, its got cloth seats and tomorrow when my good friend comes back we are gunna smoke it out, but since my parents kinda drive in the car to move and and pick up food sometimes, how do i keep the smell out?


  2. Don't bake the car, keep the windows cracked when you're smoking. And try to exhale towards the windows.

    After the session, roll down the windows of the car and drive around for a bit letting it air out.

    If you want you can spray something to mask the odor. I'd go with some odor neutralizer, that way it kills any scent thats left, but doesn't make it smell like something obvious.

    That should just about do it.
  3. everything that guy up there said, and use febreeze, it rocks my socks. and keeps the car smellin fresh.
  4. Hey Jeffer. I see you're getting prepared for tomorrow, eh?
  5. I would HIGHly (no pun intended) suggest that you purchase Ozium. It's an air neutralizer/air freshener that comes in a small cylindrical spray cannister. You can buy it at autoparts stores like Autozone, Advanced Auto, Pep Boys, etc. It works really good in the car and in the home. (lil expensive though, costs about $2-3.50 a can where I live) but it's definitely worth it.
  6. just roll around the neighborhood with the windows down should do itl... pot doesnt smell that strongly....
  7. burn inscence man.
  8. hmm, yea, now im just wondering, its cool you got a car and all, but u really didnt know this? no one else seems to realize how dumb of a question this is...just use your brain man, if u wanna say sumthing about ur car just say it some other way...lord knows u didnt need help for that
  9. geez you hurt my feelings, i was just makin sure there wasnt a secret to it..... now im gunna go cry :(
  10. hot box the hell out of that car. all you need to do when done is roll up the windows, then take dryer sheets and stuff them in the A/C vents and turn the air on high. make sure its on the internal circulation mode. works wonders. just run that for about 10 min then open the windows and let the car air out.
  11. get a car freshener
  12. if you dont hotbox it, a good 5 minute cruise with the windows down will work perfectly, and a little strawberry pinetree is always good measure
  13. I drove around in my parents' Explorer last night and smoked a couple joints in it, sprayed a little axe right after, then put the windows down to air it out. No smell this morning (I hope). Actually one thing to remember when smoking in a family car is not to leave weed in the car. Last night I had to get up at 2 in the morning because I remembered I left the weed in the armrest cd-holder thing. That thing prolly smells a lot, but I doubt they'll open it today.
  14. I wouldn't recommend ever baking out with the windows up. You never know when or why a cop will pull you over. Keeping the windows cracked is almost a necessity for safety, at least to protect your own ass.
  15. isnt it better to bake a car with leather seats cuz the cloth absorbs trhe smell???
  16. Hot box the car yo! Leather supposedly doesn't absorb the smell as much as cloth seats, but what-ever, just giver a spray of febreeze every couple hours and windows down on the highway will air her out. Location is everything, but if you do get stopped by the cops after boxing the car, jjust light up a smoke, cigs mask the smell of weed easily and quickly. But if cops are pulling up during the hot box i'd say ur screwed, cuz if your rolling down the window to talk to the cop and theres smoke barreling out the car ur swcrewed, it's all about location.

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