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Keeping smell down even when not smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Coheed, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. I'm living in the college dorms here and have recently just picked up some fine dank. My roommate (who doesn't smoke but isn't against it, at this point) came in shortly after I rolled up a joint yesterday and bitched that the room smelled like bud for a half hour afterwards.

    I'm not smoking it in the room, I'm smarter than that, but how can I better keep the smell down even when rolling up? I keep my bud in a jar, I'm thinking just take out whatever little I need and close the jar really quickly.
  2. bro yeah and roll by a window with a fan (obviously not in the path of the breeze) lol.
  3. the jar is going to preserve that dank smell and keep it all locked up in there till you open it. that part is good but i find that it also causes there to be a ridiculously strong smell once you do open it.
    id try and air the weed out a little bit but obviously thats gonna be hard in a dorm. idk if you have a wooded area near campus but if you could take the jar outside and walk around with it open for a little while it will help.
    also if you only roll up then you could break up or grind all your weed prior to airing it out and it will help make the weed smell less. b.c even if the weed is nice and aired out once you break it up it smells even more.
  4. Tell him to stfu and smoke some dankity dank!

    Seriously though, do what dexdurr suggested and roll up on the intake side of the fan. For extra security I used to put some dryer sheets on the intake side as well so when it blows out you get the smell of dryer sheets. Sort of like an automatic sploof. And def. def. just open the jar quickly and close it quickly. Weed smokers can rarely smell how potent the weed is because we either:

    A. Enjoy it
    B. Been in the room so long our brain tells us to ignore it

    Be careful in dorms man, getting caught while your on campus is not an experience you want to have.
  5. The bathroom is your friend. The fan in there combined with a sploof should do the trick. Just febreeze it after and say you took a shit.

  6. Yeah for sure man, I'm being as careful as possible I guess. I keep my bud hidden and locked up and I pretty much roll joints exclusively so as to not have paraphernalia on me or anything. As far as my roommate, when I first met him he said he smoked and sounded chill. Now he said he's not going to smoke down here because 'Its just easier to drink', and went from saying 'I don't care if you keep weed here' to 'I don't want to tell you that you can't have it, but I don't want the room to smell'.

    Reasonable request, however just bringing up saying I can't have it screams dick to me. What really can I do if he tries telling me he doesn't want my bud in my room?
  7. Your roommate sound like he tries really hard to sound cool. Either way, you paid just as much for that room as he did. I'd respect his request simply because what we do is illegal and I wouldn't want him to snitch. Another idea is to roll up a bunch of joints at one time when he is out drinking and put them in the jar. That way instead of having to roll one EVERYTIME you smoke, you can just pull it out quick fast and be on your merry way.

    Good luck with your doucher of a roommate, I've had my fair share of those in my college days.
  8. shit in his mouth while he sleeps:devious:
  9. That's just nasty. Maybe some skid marks on his pillow?

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