Keeping Pee Warm all Day

Discussion in 'General' started by TrapShit09, May 21, 2013.

  1. what are some good ways to keep pee warm all day in the car preferably but id keep it on me if thats better ideas can be for synthetic or real urine i have a constant supply of both please help me thanx ill rep the best answers (if it lets me)

  2. Check out hand warmers in sporting goods stores.  You need to be careful that the urine is close to body temp when you give it to the test people.  A lot of the synthetic unine companys have warmers that keep the correct temps for hours,  there are also products that clear your system for four or five hours.  Google synthetic urine.
  3. I've also used warm water to heat cold pee up to body temperature by running it under a faucet, but like the poster before me, those hand warmers are iudeal.
  4. im talking random test so the urine would have to be warm from any where to 10-12 hours a day 
  5. The hand warmers have worked best in my experience.. The container of fake urine I have is pretty small so I just carry it in my bra and I've never had a problem
  6. if you have random drug tests why risk continuing to smoke?
  7. i dont have randoms but in my line of work if we break anything we have to go take a drug test and i just want to be well prepared
  8. MRE heater...Those fuckers will keep anything heated. :cool:
  9. wouldnt those be a one time use kinda thing i need something i can use every day 
  10. A dozen MRE heaters. :cool:
  11. but that wouldnt be smart financially because id have to buy them constantly lol 
    i dont know muchof mre heaters but thy just sound expensive 
  12. They're not...$5 a dozen some places.
    Shit is like a gold mine on probation. :cool:
  13. i feel ya. is it a dangerous job with a high risk that you will break something?
  14. yeah i gues you could say that i work in a ware house 
  15. Reusable hand warmers that you click a little metal tab and they heat up should work. By the time you've gone to your car and snapped it and put it in your pee reservoir and gone back inside to get tested its probably damn near warm enough.
  16. so you're going to get fresh clean piss every day and keep it warm because you have a dangerous job. seems super paranoid to me.
  17. Hot Hands. $2.97 a pair at my local walmart.[​IMG]

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