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Keeping my weed stored in these jars

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by booweed, May 31, 2009.

  1. I do..... so yea

    Nothing bad will happen dont worry

  2. yes, good jar
  3. Good stuff. Make sure to give it a little moisture occasionally though. Maybe drop a slice of an apple in there.
  4. The jar looks so limpid, and it has the textural quality.
    :hello:I love it.
    Star Trek DS9 DVD
  5. Put some orange peelings in there :)
  6. yea those jars are nice
  7. I can't believe people suggest putting in orange peels or apple slices with their bud to posters in the apprentice section, without warning them about the dangers of mold. I wouldn't recommend keeping ANYTHING in their jar unless a) the weed is kept in a ziploc baggie inside of the jar and b) you use a little $2 humidor that you use purified water in, it's a little ball that sits in the jar. Must use purified water, must change once a week.

    The little Blimpie humidifiers work great, but if you are going to use orange peels or apple slices, I would only recommend doing so if the bud is starting to get a little dry, only if the bud is in its own ziploc inside the jar, and only if you monitor the jar daily. There is a sticky thread in the apprentice section that has pictures of mold on pot so you know what to look for. Don't smoke moldy weed.
  8. Do NOT put anything wet in the jar, mold will surly develop, and you can't always spot it which is very dangerous
  9. Define "wet".

    If you put weed of average moisture into a jar like that, will mold develop?

    Weill opening the jar periodically prevent mold from developing?
  10. wet is right off the plant
  11. Dont leave fruit or anything in there, it can cause mold
  12. i dont put nething in my jars just the weed
  13. I don't know why people suggest putting fruit peeling in there, yea it may add moisture to the buds, but it will also add mold. If your buds get really dry you can still smoke them, they will just have a harsher smoke. It's not like the fruit peelings will add any thc to the buds, once it's dry it's dry, just grow some peaches and smoke that shit.

    To the op, those jars are great, just make sure your buds aren't "wet" which means right off the plant, or even dampened from a shitty dealer.
  14. As long as the weed was dried and cured properly, mold will not grow on weed by itself. I just keep buds in the jar alone, the fact that no air is getting in will retain whatever moisture is inside of the weed.

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