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Keeping my weed in a mason jar?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by DCIGS, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. So I was wondering if i store my weed in a mason jar will it dry out my buds or mess them up? Im not looking into long term storing just something to keep my weed in.
  2. No. Mason jars are really the best way to store your herb
  3. I always keep a mason jar, just make sure it's appropriately sized :p

  4. Definitely not. Like thewarden said, that's actually a very ideal way to store your marijuanas. :smoking:
  5. I love your signature. It's like the travelin' armadillo, popping up here and there to say hello.

  6. Dude, armadillos don't talk... that's why he carries around the hamster! :D
  7. Keeps mine nice and moist just enough so it's mot dry. I've had an half sitting in a jar since September she's still going strong curing lol
  8. Depends how much you have. Pill bottles will work if you have something like an eighth or smaller. They are also airtight.

  9. They have pretty much any size mason jar imaginable haha. I really like the smallest ones (about 2 inch in radius, maybe an inch or so tall) cause they're perfect for the traveling stoner but can still hole like an 8th or so

  10. No they're not.

    Even mason jars aren't actually "air tight" unless you go through the proper method of sealing them.
    Which isn't to say that you should go through that hassle when you're just storing weed in them, they'll work fine without that.

    But I stored weed in a pill bottle for years, they're very far from air tight and your weed will dry out with prolonged storage. :p
  11. I put the bud I buy in a mason jar for at least 2 weeks and the difference from the day I bought it is crazy....... A friend showed me an oz of his bud and it stunk like leaf, tea..didnt smell good at all.....a FEW days in the jar and it has zero leaf smell and it smells soo some fruity indica.

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