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keeping my job

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cccannabis, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. Hey Gang,
    I know that it is said it takes 30 days for weed to leave the bloodstream, but does anybody know how to pass random urine tests without paying an arm and a leg for cleansers that the drug testing labs can't detect. I have a good job and I want to keep it and I usually get 72 hrs. notice before being tested. I love my job but I LOVE MY WEED TOO!!!!!

  2. aaaah the age old question........ buddy i got yer answer for ya

    yer screwed :( ither that or u become a twice a month smoker or someting shitty like that because then when u get ur notice you should be fine with just chugging all hella water just like a couple of gallons if not more a day for those 72 hours... and remember to take your vitamins ;) sereiously cause ive hurd people bitchen about not passing cause theeyr piss was to diluted so basically they were jsut pissen watter.. ya gotta give your body something to throw into the piss and it makes it really yellow sometimes :D lol.... yup
  3. couple hours before the test chug water and you'll be good
  4. cannabinoids stay in your system for 3-30 days depending on a variety of factors including how much you smoke at a time, how often you smoke, body fat, metabolism, and more. If you're a skinny person with a fast metabolism and low body ifat it'll be out of your system pretty quickly, but your tests will still depend on how much and how often you smoke. You'll need to cut back to once a week probably. Then, when you know you'll be tested, you only need to drink about a gallon of water the day of the test. Water doesn't clean your system. It saturates your body and effectively dilutes your urine. If you drink in the days prior to the exam, you're only causing unneeded discomfort. Also, taking vitamin B2 and B12 will help color your urine yellow again. This will al help, but it's not definite.
  5. lol similar situation with me :) ive got 10 days to get clean, oops i jus smoked a joint ;) ill quit in a day or 2, and basically go on a water binge for the rest of my time till my test. 5 hrs before my test i will either be taking a clensing tea (50.00 usd) or this shit that ive had success before with called vale (30.00usd) ive got more time than you, but remember drink your water, suppliment or give your body some b12, and give them a mid-stream sample. you should be alrite.
  6. true way of passing a drug test, i have heard this from a good friend, and has been confirmed by others.

    What you do is, day of the drug test, go to your local grocery store, and go to the isle where they sell jelly, and look for the product that is the stuff you make jelly with. I forget what its called, but itll be there, it is in my grocery store atleast. Does anyone remember whats its called? But anyways buy 2 jars of this stuff, the second one just in case. I was told that its best to mix it in a gallon of gatorade. Drink all the gatorade in a small time period the day of the test, and it shoudl flush your system pretty well.
  7. heres a way my friend passed her drug test when she was an every day smoker, the day before the test she quit smoking and before she went to bed took like 8 or 9 niacian pills, the no flush kind and drank a few glasses of cranberry juice to go with it. She passed the drug test the next day with no problems, and shes been a heavy every day smoker for atleast 2 years now.

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