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Keeping my cool and meeting a cool cop.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by fatblunts9-5-4, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Got pulled over with my buddy holding an ounce and a scale in his backpack and this kid is not used to dealing with cops so I told him to shut up and answer any questions he wasnt sure of with "I dont know"...cops cant arrest you for being stupid, just doing stupid things lol.

    The officer pulls the old "if you got anything in the car let me know" without going to his radio. I say "sir, what am I being pulled over for?" he says it's a high traffic area for drugs, I say "absolutely sir, that's why I'm trying to get going if you dont mind me asking am I being suspected or a crime or have I committed an infraction?"....pause....very long pause...almost comically long pause and then he scares the living shit out of me when he reaches in my car flicks my college parking pass and says "You boys are bright kids Have a goodnight, be safe. If you ever need the help of a good cop here's my card. Get going cheech and chong."

    and this is in FLORIDA, where they arrest for microscopic amounts...i felt like giving the guy a big hug but I just pulled down the road.
  2. damn man thats cool..My dad was a teen partying with friends at a mountainous state park, like on top of a hill. They were sitting in the car smoking out. They had an oz of hash, and a few oz of bud. Well...old cop knocks on the window out of nowhere..Window rolls down, smoke billows out into the cops face. He said "Put it away and go home boys"
  3. Haha awesome dude they are pigs but there are some nice pigs lol
  4. lol cheech and chong
  5. This is the greatest story ever, I love it. I have no problem believing there are plenty of good cops out there, it's just that sometimes they've gotta do their job and that involves things they may not agree with, but hey, they've gotta make money just like everybody else. Not to say there aren't douche bag, power abusive cops out there, but in my opinion, that's not the majority of the guys out there.
  6. Thats pretty cool , I'm from Florida but never gotten stopped for anything
  7. wow im a FL resident as well and this is awesome! Good for you broski!

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