Keeping mother plant long term

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  1. 826FE05D-A6C8-4281-9453-898E8AE0DEF4.jpeg I have this purple pheno I took a clipping off. She’s now rooted and growing to fast lol. I don’t need clones off of her for 3 more months. How can I keep her alive in my veg tent and keep it small. It’s in a 1.5 gallon Plastic pot in coco. Fed once a day by hand.
    Any tips or tricks 826FE05D-A6C8-4281-9453-898E8AE0DEF4.jpeg
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  2. Not sure why it posted 2 pics lol
  3. Nice! Idk how much headroom you have but you should definitely keep her short. Toppings and LST. You’ll still want to defoliate by taking clones even if you don’t keep them. Maybe root one in soil so it’s not a daily task. And maybe only give it a little bit of light. Not enough to thrive, enough to stay alive, to slow her growth.
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  4. Great ideas
    Thanks guys
  5. I would just cut a clone make sure it roots and then just throw away the rest.. once said clone gets too big for your area cut a clone... make sure it roots and throw out the rest of the plant. Well I think you can get the picture, Its a continuous clone
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  6. Such a good idea
    How did I not think of that
    Thanks a bunch
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  7. Perpetually purple.
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  8. I maintain my moms using Bonsai methods. I’m not afraid to cut back a plant or bare root the thing to prune the roots.
    I don’t recommend giving it weak light, I do recommend 1/4 strength nutrient to slow growth.

    This photo shows a Blue Dream mom that’s 30 months old and has given many clones for my small grow. Trimming back the top and roots really help.
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  9. Trimming the roots makes me nervous lol
    Maybe I will try taking a few clones rooting them and then trimming my mothers roots back
    That way if I mess it up I didn’t loose my pheno
  10. I get your concern about pruning roots. Your quest to is to maintain genetic material. You don’t need to root prune if you don’t want to. You can keep that plant until root binding kills it. That will take quite a while. In the mean time you can take nice clones til the cows come home. happy cloning!
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