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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Tim275, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. Alright... well me and my friends are starting a grow op with about 6 or so plants. We have our spot all picked out, but right beside it there is a deer trail. My first question is how to keep deer out without making it obvious that we are growing pot (hemp grows naturally around the area so we shouldnt have a problem if someone just sees the plants). Second, how do we keep doves away? These mother fuckers eat the buds right off of the hemp plants, and we are afraid they might do the same to ours.

    Any help would be appreciated, and please hurry, my first 2 plants I started are getting fucking big :D
  2. try pissn everywere (not too close to the plants) and puting human hair around the plants. for the birds, try an owl decoy for pools or a chicken wire dome around the plants if you wanna go to the extreme.
  3. use high strength fishing line
  4. If hemp grows around naturally you face the chances of pollination....
  5. If your location is pretty remote buy a roll of chicken wire and make some ghetto cages for your plants. If people will be around your grow area possibly I wouldnt do that though. There are all sorts of crazy methods you can try that seem to work. Examples: Save your pee in a container and take it to the site, buy lion shit or lion piss(expensive!), garlic, fishing line, Ive heard rotten eggs but that would possibly bring raccoons or maybe even a bear to the area. Not sure if a raccoon would eat your plants and I know I dont want any bears around when Im in the woods at 2am.:D
  6. no bears in this part of the state anymore, over hunting lol. But we are afraid to use chicken wire just incase a hunter stumbles across it. I'm not too worried about pollinating considering this is just for personal use and its all bagseed to start with. I doubt that human scent will scare any of these deer away, but maybe mountain lion piss?
  7. im gonna say what underpantsman said, just piss in a container and put it by your plants. the mountain lion piss will surely work. and for the doves, just go out there one day if you can and take a CO2 pistol with you and pop a few of those bitches off.
  8. I'm really hoping we can use this place... its got like 10 hours of direct sunlight, out of sight from all sides, 30 yards from a creek, and not too far from the road. Fucking deer and hunters...
  9. Yeah if you can get some mountain lion piss, its worth a try, they will be afraid of their scent. Sounds like you got a great spot and you could grow some monsters in that spot. 10 hours of direct sunlight is awesome!

    Thats good they are getting big though because after awhile deer wont mess with it, I think they like it when its small/young.

    The problem with using urine is after a good rain, you gotta go back and put some more pee out:)

    Good Luck
  10. Lol, thats great... the only time they are going to be small is the same time of the year that it rains every fucking day in missouri. That and I've been seeing quite a few deer lately so I know they are active. I talked to my friend who's land we are growing on and he thinks we can go ahead and chicken wire it without any problems. I'll be starting a grow journal soon so people can get a look at this plot and my plants (about 1 month old, looking good).

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