Keeping Mother and Clones.

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  1. Ok so how big does mother get? also how do you take care of the mother?

    Im putting Clones in a Aeroponic system i was thinking of keepin them in that for around 2 weeks then putting in my DWC growing system?
    (How much Light should i give clones and what nuts?)

    Any help on the Mother/Cloning is very welcome ive been growing in DWC with a buddy for awhile but have never done cloning ourselves
  2. The mother plant is a weed grows and keeps on growing cuz its a can cut it back and keep it however big u want, and you take care of it by giving it water and nutrients...if youve grown weed before just pretend that your growing weed...cuz thats what a mother plant is...the same thing
  3. A mother plant can be kept under a few CFL's and be perfectly happy. The more light you give it, the faster it will grow, and the more clones you can cut. If the mother plant outgrows your space, you can simply trim it back like you would a tree. So to answer your question, a mother plant can be any size.

    The clones need to be hardened off before going under strong lights. Put them in your grow room, farther away from the lights than you would normally keep a plant. If it starts to wilt, put it back under a dome or at least put it under less light. Don't give nutes until your clones have started growing and have gotten a couple inches bigger than the cuttings you started with. Basically treat them like seedlings and start with mild nutes.

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