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keeping marijuana illegal makes it badass.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iCeD MeTaL, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. haha like seriously i just thought of something. what makes stoners, diferent from other people? you dont go and call your friend an alcoholic, just because he drinks. so why are stoners different from the crowd? well...... i think its because we regularly use an illegal and highly controversial substance. its not the way we act, or the way we think (although mostly it is) ... its because, for lack of better definition, we are darers, we are risk takers and we smoke mj and ppl are like ooooooh ahhhhhhh....

    so yeah, fuck it. keep it illegal, biatches!
  2. It's legal here so...
  3. This is just...

    ...forget it.
  4. No. No it doesn't, and if you think doing illegal things are cool, you need help. Thats anti-social behavior. So how about putting the bong down till you learn to respect it.
  5. A lot of people associate illegal activities with a sense of danger and excitement. This is the wrong mentality to have.

    People who need weed legalized so that they can suffer at the expense of you feeling like a superficial badass? Please.
  6. #7 ScrumptiousKush, Aug 4, 2011
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  7. (redneck accent) respect that bong boy!!!!!!!!! you kiss its feet if you got to
  8. In my opinion your post is very immature, there are cancer patients sitting in a prison cell waiting to die for treating there cancer with a natural growing plant instead of radiation.

    And you think it should stay illegal so you can "be a dare devil" and have the satisfaction of breaking the law, that's why it should remain illegal is it ?

    So your saying we should keep it illegal and not let terminally ill patients use cannabis to prevent there suffering so little teenagers like you can get a kick out of it because your "Breaking the law".

    Just think about that, for a second just think about it.
  9. Yeah you and the millions of other people in the world that do it also.
  10. This man's rep will be red shortly I'm sure

  11. Bullshit. If that is anti social, then i suppose shunning the weed and preaching how bad it is should be the norm. Everyone who posts on grasscity is anti social.
  12. #14 mushroomsatsuji, Aug 4, 2011
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    If the app would allow me...
  13. [​IMG]
    I need weed for medical reasons and horrible pain...thats just ignorant. It should be legal its a plant here to help and work with the world just like anyother natural occurence. Its not badass its medicine that i need. Anyways lets smoke up to one day having legal bud one day! :smoke:
  14. thanks to this thread i cant give any more rep. thanks OP....
  15. ahaha im just joking. this is not a legal debate thread or some shit, im way to tired for that shit.

    by the way why does the thread top show like 9 likes?

  16. No it's only anti-social if you make it, are you saying the old lady down the road it anti-social because she drinks cannabis tea for her arthritis ?? NO she isn't anti-social it's people like you who use it to be "Bad ass" who give cannabis a bad name and make your self look foolish.
  17. Subbed.

    Should be good for a few laughs before it closes.

  18. im trying hard not to laugh here but god damn your posts sounds like whining from that very old lady! jesus christ i never said i use it to look "bad ass" that was the pereception i got right after my toke. this isnt a "hey look i smoke pot im cool" thread stop being so uptight.

    i thought there were other more serious sub forums for serious debates.

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