Keeping Male And Female Together

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by gwl, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. I was wondering, I'm going to start growing soon and I'm not planning on getting female seeds, and I wanted to grow 2 plants in the same room. If one is male and the other is female will it affect the THC level of the female plant much? Also I don't really wanna pull the male if there is one since I also want the seeds so I don't always have to keep paying for them online.
  2. BUY FEMINIZED, I'm growing two at a time and have had 4 males in a row! If you keep a males close to a female you will have very, very seedy buds, your best of once its almost mature enough to pollinate seperate it from the female collect the pollen and use a paint brush to only fertilize a few buds then yopu get more seeds and good bud, but seriously buy feminized.
  3. Yes, keeping a male and a female together will affect the THC levels in the female. As soon as she gets pollinated by the male, the female will start to produce seeds, NOT THC. If you get a female, make her a mother, then you won't have to deal with seeds.
  4. yep lose the male and learn to clone. its cheap and easy ;)

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