keeping it green. anybody trading forex ?

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  1. if you would like to trade ideas please pm me . i have been on fire the last 2 weeks .
    currently short nzd/usd . commercial_hvac_marijuana.jpg
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  2. These sorts of erroneous beliefs, that markets are beatable, have been going on since markets were devised.
    No way a stoner beats all the phD math and science types in this arena.
    I predict severe future losses.
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  3. line up at the door says I'm beating the market ;)
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  4. its ok if your out . no need to bash . i have been a successful day trader with stocks from 97 with futures option 00 fx i am newer 2004 sure every trader has a loss but with the proper management its limited . from the post of the trade above if you jumped in you be in profit of 35 pips
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  5. Are you giving away free advice?
    Or are you charging for advice?
  6. i am not charging a thing for advice . i was trying to find a trader to share ideas with .
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  7. That's good.
    I feared you were a scammer after peoples' money.
    Having a trader friend to bounce ideas off of is good.

    But don't forget, the vast majority of people under-perform the markets.
    Markets are rough, because we're up against some of the world's smartest people.

    Early success is one of the worst things that can happen to a trader, because it gives false hope to the lucky.
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  8. agreed
  9. I've traded options for about 20 years, but haven't for the past couple years.
    I've never traded forex.
    After many thousands of hours researching and backtesting, I've given up. The pattern is that even if a system backtests well over several decades, and even works for awhile, it stops.
    I've had periods of huge wins and huge losses.
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  10. lol there is no back testing fx you can read the news and place your trade still stop out . took the profit small trade 35 pips . only way to trade fx is to become a pattern trader my opinion
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  11. What broker do you use/recommend and what leverage do they offer? What leverage do you recommend for a starting trader?

    I researched forex for about a year, put in hours looking at charts and etc everyday, and using a simulation trading account. But I never got enough confidence to start trading with real money. I'm not swimming in money by any means, don't have a lot of saving so was always scared to jump in. Advice? Also why do you trade US/NZD? Do you trade with indicators or price action?

    Sorry for so many questions at once..
  12. check out a website . set up a practice account . use 50 to 1 margin but limit your losses to 1 % per trade . always use a stop loss . i could give you fast pointers but at you risk. if your looking to gamble hit the casino it will last longer and be more fun . oanda offers zero spreads very nice depending your type of trading i have zero spreads . you do not worry about spreads yet until you learn and step up the amount of capital . a spread is a commission if you did not know .it will be marginal pennies for small accounts . i will post this here and right now . ( 99% of fx trades quit and lose there money ) only 1 % will continue to be successful over the long run . i want you to know this .before you start . you can open a account with 25 bucks and actually earn real money 2 or 4 bucks per trade profit . i suggest after you profit with the practice for 6 months put in a grand double that keep it going . i also use interactive brokers . but min account is 25k here you can trade about anything . Online Forex Trading & Forex Broker | OANDA
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    I can understand you my friend and I know very well how that feels, when you want to start trading, but you are not feeling safe and you are really afraid to invest your own money. And I was in the same situation some years ago, until I found a great trading platform(click here), where I got a huge help from brokers and the platform's community. They made me confident and I started to trade using my own money. It was a Forex asset, so this is where I started my broker career, and to be honest, I am really happy that I found this trading platform. I really wish you luck and hope you will make trough, start trading and gather money
  14. suggest a demo account @ .
    keep in mind 1 out of 99 will make it in the fx markets all others lose there shirts
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  15. gutsy. I've been a commodity trader but forex is bonkers to me. Way too risky IMO. But if you're doing well then all the power to you.

    I remember the old joke in the business. How do you make a small fortune in commodities? Start with a large fortune. lol.
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  16. if you need any help message me . what platform did you get ? I prefer I also have Interactive brokers for other trades . The cost of trading is lowest for me on oanda . If you have 5 k it moves you into a different spread commission It will only cost pip on most prs Meaningless i will get it back in seconds .
    still long cad chf I have 2 different platforms from 6885 currently @ 6923
    very slowly going up almost moving sideways.
  17. Bump anybody trading Fx ? Im catching good safe pips last few weeks been very good .
    Last week i added 160. Week before 190 pips ! With a min risk of only 10 and 15 pip stop loss .
    Mt favorite pr as of now is GBP/USD Pull up a 4 hour chart . You can see for your self support and resistance .
    I am waiting to enter in LONG. when it hits support . See if can catch another 70 pip trade.
    Email me with your trade ideas ill send my suggestions .
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  18. Any updates ? Im still short on bit coin. Will it hit 2000 ? I was thinking 5000 at first . Im seeing panic selling so we shall see. I have done a few stock trades mostly shorts .
  19. att stock holders . fx traders . WED .may be the most import day of the year .
    Fed meeting Expected to raise rates up an addition .25 . My opinion this .25 will not do anything to help the fed fight inflation. I know they need to do a .50 rate hike or there surly doomed on there efforts , Feds are thinking they could do the .25 now and the .25 later to easy the market. Sorry to say the market is not responding at all as it should .. Feds are getting desperate ! Feds know a hell ow a lot more then i do i only have limited info in front of me . Feds may panic Wed as they should and need to. Slam it with the .50 no matter what it will be 5.0 interests . Slower approach is not helping .

    My opinions im waged in heavy the market will fall right after the .25 rate hike so i expect to earn 10 to 20 percent profit in a two weeks time . Option two the .50 rate the market will surly tumble 25 to 40 % lower in a months time . I will clean up all the scraps of the market. After its down heavy next year i will buy stocks at 75 % off . Watch your investments . If your interested im. long SQQQ . it moves with big percentages on falling markets . I also own 50 other stocks but only 25 % of my cash .. Im not selling them. The long position on sqqq will cover all loses with profit . Im not giving advice just my opinion . Today i bought 25 % of my cash. Tomorrow i will watch the meeting i may buy more depending how the first fed meeting goes . I will buy 50 % more sqqq right at the news session .
    (((((Keep it green and safe legal .Or just dont get caught lol .))))
  20. Update today. Fed interest rate meeting . No matter what the fed does will be wrong .
    My guess is a .25 raise . We need a .50 to get inflation under control.
    So my guess no raise stocks sore . .25 raise market will go sideways until the next month just many ups and downs garbage market . A .50 stock market crash like we never seen. Use caution guys if you own anything . The bank will pay 4.25 next month for your savings might be the way to go if your sitting on a nest egg .

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