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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by sidious, Jun 12, 2002.

  1. O.K. i have a big problem and i need the best suggestion's you blades can come up with, i have a plant approx 4" tall which is 12 days old under a 150w MH light on a cycle of 18/6,and a temperture of 80 degrees farenheit, i have the fan and the light on a timer, she is in miricle grow and has not yet received any fert, the strain is unknown, as i was given it from a friend who had it in a bag he smoked. Now the problem i have is that i'm going to a festival i leave on Fri 12th of June at 11am and come back on Mon the 15th of June at how can i manage to leave her for that length of time with no care and attention, i.e. water?? i have no-one to water her as they're all going to the festival as the time i go she'll be 42 days old or nearly 6 weeks old.....can anyone come up with any ideas, and i don't mean ones like..."why don't you take it with you" to T in the park? are you serious everyone would try to smoke her lol....any help would be gratefully appreciated.....Peace out....Sid
  2. I'm assuming its in soil? if so 3 days without watering will not kill your plants. If you are worried, just water it thoroughly (but not overwater) before you leave and it should be fine.

    Hell you have already left to go, why am I typing this out still????

    Today is the 12th, not friday. Friday is the 14th and Saturday is the 15th. Dude you are confusing me.
  3. sorry big poppa puff, i meant to say'm still you think that would work...just give here a good watering before i go and as soon as i get back? she's only in a 5" pot do you think i should pot her in a bigger pot...oh and does it need to have holes in the bottom of it as the one i use at the moment doen't have any in it...sorry about the dates....Peace out....Sid

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