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keeping grinded weed in plastic baggies

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by g_dan1, Nov 6, 2014.

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    Hey everyone!
    I just started doing weed and dont buy a lot. I whenever I buy it its already in some kind of plastic bag. I usually buy 1/8 or like 3-5 dime bags of sour D. I can only blaze outside and im in NYC so I have to have all my stuff ready. Only do it on weekends. I vape weed so I usually pre grind SOME of it (0.4-0.5g) with scisors very finely like 1 week in advance and put 0.1-0.2g in these really small ziplock bags (slightly bigger than a size of a quarter) so I can access it easily and just put it in my vape quickly when outside.
    I heard that its bad to keep weed in plastic bags and that THC crystals stick to plastic. Since its very finely grinded and there is more surface area, am I loosing a lot of THC by keeping it in a plastic bag? And why do dealers sell all their weed in these small baggies then? Im sorry if its a dumb question lol
    P.S. all the baggies are in an airtight baby food jar becuase I like to keep it orgonized and cant have any smell lol
  2. I'd say you'd lose a little bit of THC with the "pre-grind and store in plastic baggie" method, but really a new smoker like yourself wouldn't notice too much of a difference i assume... it would really be a molecular loss of thc.
    With that said i hear the most efficient method of storing bud would be in a nice air tight jar and in its original nug form, but if you like to vape and you don't want to spend your time chopping up your weed there's no problem with what your doing. i just wouldn't recommend pre-grinding an entire Oz haha.
    And unfortunately dealers can't go around handing people free glass jar's with every purchase, so the small plastic baggies are the solid runner up  :smoking:
  3. Stop "doing" weed.
  4. i just keep my buds in the spare part of the grinder where its kinda air tight , i think lol 
  5. Thanks for helping bro! Is it ok if I put the baggie with grinded weed inside the airtight jar? Cuz thats what I do now to get rid of the smell. I used to have a very small glass jar but i lost it so gonna get a new one soo. THC doesn't stick to glass right?
  6. "Doing weed"
  7. I didn't know it was bad to store in a plasic ziplock. I keep my herbage in a baggie, in a black large pill bottle, in a mason jar
  8. lol i do a very similar thing
    we know whats up! :metal: The pill bottle is one from a dispensary in Colorado I picked up at. Has the label with how much/strain (picked up Banana Kush)/batch number/date. Still have the receipt too! :love:
  10. Jeez...worry warts...ALL the weed we used to buy came in a folded over and licked shut sandwich baggie...and it got us as stoned as little MIGHT lose a micron or two of resin to the side of a baggie (Think trimming glove) but its nothing to worry about. You sound like a gram purchaser...maybe an occasional q.oz? Baggies fine....wouldnt store my kilos in em but anything less than an oz is kosher.
  11. I am a gram purchaser indeed haha. but yea i kinda figured that baggies won't really affect anything. its actually a good way to grind and prepare my weed for vaping outside
  12. I would store directly into the glass jars. I hate plastic baggies. If any of the trichomes (THC crystals) get stuck to the glass - which they will - you can use a plastic spoon or something to scrape it all out after it's collected for a while. That's called keif. Depending on your vaporizer, you could layer flower, keif and flower on top for a good potent load. I tend to preload my vaporizer to it's maximum capacity and that lasts me 2-4 sessions before emptying and loading again. I keep my flowers in an air tight container, and I take some out to grind at a time, maybe 2 loads worth. I fill the chamber and whatever's left in the grinder stays there and gets loaded at the next time.
    I'm not a fan of plastic bags at all. It just feels cleaner without them. As to why dealers use them... Not all do. Some use newspaper and others literally put the buds directly in your hand. It's just how it goes... If you wanted the dealer to put the cannabis directly in your glass jar after scaling, it would save them on baggies.

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  13. If I can I take a jar to dudes house so I can avoid a static filled Baggie that's going to suck the trichs right off my bud. I don't even like putting grinded bud in a jar because so much sticks to the jar.
  14. the only thing that will stick to the plastic is the kief on the bud/trichomes. in the glass, no it will not stick, the kief may fall off the weed but just bang the jar and itll collect like sand in one spot. Pregrinding does make the bud a bit dryer/harsher on hits
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    Lmao "doing weed"

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  16. I need to buy a few jars cuz I also grind up a few g's then put in bag never thought about it before
  17. Will my bud stay fresh and not go bad if its inside a plastic bag thats inside an airtight jar? I dont have a lot so its like 4g at max
  18. im wondering will plastic rubbermaid contains work as well as a glass jar would l? it has a lid and can fit an ounce or two
  19. I've been using weed I left in my grinder and it has been just fine, I have sour D too and it's still amazing.

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