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keeping grinded weed in plastic baggies

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by g_dan1, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. Hey everyone!
    I just started doing weed and dont buy a lot. I whenever I buy it its already in some kind of plastic bag. I usually buy 1/8 or like 3-5 dime bags of sour D. I can only blaze outside and im in NYC so I have to have all my stuff ready. I vape weed so I usually grind it with scisors very finely like 1 week in advance and put 0.1-0.2g in these really small ziplock bags (slightly bigger than a size of a quarter) so I can access it easily and just put it in my vape quickly when outside.
    I heard that its bad to keep weed in plastic bags and that THC crystals stick to plastic. Since its very finely grinded and there is more surface area, am I loosing a lot of THC by keeping it in a plastic bag? And why do dealers sell all their weed in these small baggies then? Im sorry if its a dumb question lol
  2. Well, at least you recognise it as a dumb question and you apologise. Thank you. Apology accepted.
    Yeah, I would use a pill container or a glass container. I tend to agree that the tricomes would stick to the baggie if it was ground up.
    No offense, but i'm willing to bet you are about 16.
  3. dealers use baggies because they are cheap and
    are supposed to be temporary. you need a glass jar
    or a pill bottle and you're good.
  4. The best method is to keep a your main stash of weed tucked away, un-grinded, in an air-tight container - like a mason jar. 
    Next thing you should do is invest in a grinder so that you can properly grind your weed AND store it in its little chamber, that way it's always accessible when you go out and smoke. Not to mention the amount of weed you'll save in the long run by not having it all grinded and in ziplock baggies all the time. 
  5. The trichs will stick due to static, so it can be a waste, but you can pour iso into the baggie(s) and dump onto a dish(pyrex is ideal), straining is optional, and let evaporate or hot water bath/both.
    Less is more and be quick, 5 seconds in bag tops.

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