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  1. I have a few questions regarding clones, and wondered if some fellow blades could assist me. I'm starting my first grow soon, and I am very intrigued by cloning. I would love to do it; however, I only have one grow tent that will be used for both vegging and flowering. I'd like to add another, but remaining space in the apt. won't allow it. So here are my questions:

    1. Can you clone from plants germinated from feminized seeds? I don't see why this would be an issue, but a few threads that I have come across recently have said otherwise.

    2. Optimal time that I would take cuttings for some clones would be right before my girls go into flowering. However, since I don't have another tent, they would need to stay in the water container that I plan on growing their roots in for the entire period that the ladies are flowering, roughly 60 days. Am I able to sustain the clones in the container that they grow their roots in for that period of time?

    I've done my fair share of reading regarding cloning and am well aware that items such as Superthrive help roots grow faster. However, as I am not pressed for time with rooting the clones, I would be going with good ol' regular pH balanced water.

    Any insight into my questions would be greatly appreciated. Also, sorry for the wordiness in this post (and all others that I author). I like to put as much detail as I can to help alleviate any confusion and fill in any gaps.
  2. 1. yes you can. Some people argue fem seeds produce hermie clones but I don't think thats the case.
    2. It takes about 1-2 weeks to grow good roots, after that they should be started on vegging...In my opinion, take your clones 2 weeks before harvest.

    Cloning depends on the set up. I personally clone with a humidity dome & tray. I just cut the clone at a 45 degree angle, dip in rooting hormone and place into a rapid rooter pellet that was dipped in pH 5.8 water with some great white rooting compound.

  3. If I take a cutting during flowering phase, will that affect it's root & veg growth, i.e. shock the little cutting, since it will have to revert from 12/12 light cycle to some light to 24-hours?
  4. Don't take clones from a flowering plant...there are different hormones that won't work out well on a clone.
    Only taking clones from vegging plants will give you great rooting success.
  5. But wouldn't two weeks before harvest be at the tail end of the flowering phase?
  6. If you cut the clones two weeks before harvest, then you give the clones a good two weeks to grow great roots before you put them in to veg...If you cut them when you start flowering, you're not gonna be able to keep the clones growing roots for 2+ months....

  7. exactly the way i do it.
  8. Im just getting started w/ cloning. I use rockwool & rooting hormone (not sure what brand, the label got ruined lol).Is there a way to tell when they form roots, other than taking the clone out of the rock wool? I have 3 super crystal clones, and they look great so far...its been about 10 days since I cut them from the mother
  9. Check under and around the rockwool for roots that emerge.
  10. make sure that the clones stay humid and leaves wet since there are no roots to uptake water
  11. I tried to take clones from a flowering plant and I lost all the clones. I had eight in all. I am down to two females, that I know are females, and two I think are females. I have 3 WW growing, which are the last of them, and an OB gro, that I hope is a female.
  12. Thanks for the info. I have the clones in a white styrofoam cooler, and with the 13w CFL inside keeps them fairly warm (about 79f) and keeps the humidity well. I mist them once or twice per day. Should I be giving the clones any nutes at all? The tips of a few leaves are curling up a tiny bit.
  13. No nutes...All they need is pH corrected water with some root hormone if you wish.

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