Keeping busy during a T break? What works for you

Discussion in 'General' started by RepentYeNbelievethegospel, May 28, 2009.

  1. ok i know i know, wrong section for questions, and this is probably been asked a million times but i couldnt find what i was looking for.
    So what are some good ways/ideas/strategies to stay away from smoking for a couple weeks? I heard of snapping a rubberband on your wrist when you feel the urge to get high, which i will try, starting my break tommorow probably. Im going to try and get out more also, since i wont need to sit indoors in order to blaze, and ill probably hit up the gym too. Any suggestions are appreciated, and dont tell me to just smoke more because i have only a couple weeks of the school year left and i want to finish it sober so i can get super duper high on the last day. :wave:
  2. I think the rubberband snapping thing will only remind you more that you cant get high, just try your best to keep it out of your mind. playing videogames is a good way to occupy your hands and keep you busy enough to not worry about getting high. Its worked for me in the past at least.

    think to yourself what you usually do before you decide to get high, and avoid putting yourself in such a situation while you're on break. and as a final bit of advice...

    be out of weed :p nothing is a better motivator for not smoking up than knowing that you cant.
  3. Sorry, im not throwing away any weed. That would almost defeat the purpose, i need to save some cash too for some real good stuff later on down the road. Also im not smoking the rest, thats too much to go through, thats why it is difficult. Ill have to put away the bong and fight the urge. anyway thanks for the advice, maybe ill get some apps on my phone
  4. Thats the best way, then take the money you would normally spend on weed for the length of your break and save it for a new peice of glass, gives motivation to stay off the gear and a little reward for staying off it longer. I average about $150 month on weed, so a 2 month break means $300 for a new bong, i think next break will go towards a vaporiser, never used one but i hear the high is very crisp and allows you to taste all the flavours better.
    Sorry, thoughts strayed a bit at the end there.
  5. Vaporizers are great, i was thinking of vaping instead of a break. But thats it, im gonna stop for a bit. I was planning on buying an inline soon but i can wait, its gonna go great on my illadelph. Vapor tastes amazing btw
  6. Exercise. Get your body moving. It feels great and it's something to do.
  7. Reading and exercise.
  8. Drinking is always fun when you cant smoke, get a 30 rack of the shittest poop in a can you can find unless you wana spend a little more and have a few friends over to drink or drink alone.
  9. I just ended an *almost* 2 week T break and I went to the gym a lot, probably 4 times a week. Helps get some of the THC out of your system since it speeds up your metabolism, and it's something to do.
  10. i havent been able to smoke for the past 2 months and i still have a month to go (legal troubles) and honestly its not that hard to not smoke. sure i really want to and all but i think that just finding other things to do and even hanging around GC is fine althought hangin on GC might give you more of an erge to smoke lol

  11. I'm on a t-break now and I agree; it isn't hard at all. I can cruise GC and not get an erge to smoke/vape at all.
  12. Im on this boat as well. I'll be taking a T break soon, iv been spending way to much on weed, close to around 600+ a month. Iv been smoking every day for about a year.
  13. I just got back on after a 4 month break. I will admit it felt great to just get clean for a while. No worries. All you need to do really is just stick with it. It's really easy to give in to temptation when you've stopped cold turkey. This is why it is benefitial to have straightedge friends to hang out with because you know they won't be doing anything or pressuring you into anything and you'll probably have a lot of fun and forget about smoking for a while.
  14. Exercise, especially team sports, because it takes more time and then you'll meet new people, and odds are they might won't smoke. Spend more time with your significant other?
  15. just do yardwork/landscaping find something to occupy your time...

    its really not that hard .. i went a year and a half without smoking
  16. For me it's not really all that hard to take a T-Break. I mean, I don't have to smoke. It's basically just willpower. Tell yourself you don't want to smoke, And if you feel yourself going for your bong, Stop yourself, and just remember why you're taking a T-Break.
    Sorry it it's not much help, But it's always worked for me.
  17. Getting drunk instead of smoking works for me
  18. sex. i have tried everything. i have been sober for months because of testing and it is the only thing that has kept me sober.
  19. I am in a week today into my T-Break. Smoked with my roommate before he went back up North for the year. I plan on not smoking for at least a month once I have a couple paychecks in and have finished up all of my tickets for this last year. My last court date is 6-18 for a speeding ticket im fighting.

    I found im on this site more when I am not smoking. I have been going to the gym every day since I stopped smoking to go to play basketball for a few hours every night. Such a good workout and you feel really good afterwards. Stay active and they these t-breaks are very easy to do.

    I think what I am going to do is buy a vape(looking into Da Budda and SSV) and some nice herb and have a very nice celebration.
  20. Well currently i have no signifigant other, and i really dont drink so im crossing taht off.
    Anyway this mornng felt great, it was the first morning in a long time that i didnt wake up burnt out because i fell asleep after smoking the day away the day before, i was tired and was in and out of sleeping for a bit in class, but i wasnt so lazy i couldnt do shit. It felt really good, and when people say that sobriety is a real trip, its true, i felt good, almost like a natural high. It was strange to say the least. But right now im just playin guitar hero and later i might skate or go workout or something, Thanks for the help, but any more suggestions would still be great. Lets see how long it is till i have a craving to smoke...

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