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Keeping A Stash Fresh

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ReggieKuush, May 26, 2013.

  1. I usually buy anywhere from a half ounce to quarter pound of hydroponic kush at a time. Currently i always keep my weed in glass jars and leave them in my garage. I do this because i heard glass jars prerserve weed the best, and that a cold temperature (garage in canada) helps. Friends of mine throw in a piece of orange peel in their stashes but i dont. I usually have high-quality indica dominant strains. How do you keep your stashes fresh?

  2. You sound like you're trying way too hard to brag about your stash thats probably mid and a little street chron.
  3. lol^
    Glass jars are fine, nothin worng with what you got. IDK about the whole orange peel thing, I would just skip doing that if I were you.
  4. An orange peel would dry it out faster. i put orange peel in my brown sugar to keep it from clumping up because it absorbs moisture.
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    This is the sort of post that's ruining GC.  How do you, MR. ENGINEER, know what quality of weed this guy has?  Lately there's far too many underage jerks here that do nothing but criticize others, downgrade pictures they submit saying it's schwag.  HOW DO YOU KNOW WITHOUT SMOKING whatever weed people have.  Sometimes it's obvious but keep your mouth shut if you don't know.  Not saying you're underage but you're certainly not adding anything to the post with your stupid comment.
    BTW, your Mason Jar piece looks like something a teenager would use because they don't own a real glass pipe.  I'd stick with your Graphic Art because it's quite nice.  Too bad you've got to act like a jerk...grow up then come back when you've got something constructive to post.
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    I've always used glass jars with a good sealing lid.  Mason Jars are OK for larger quantities but for a few grams or a personal daily stash I like to use some of the smaller, dark tinted 420 Jars.  I'd be careful using an orange peel, although they do work by adding moisture and a citrus flavor, it's risky because of the mold risk if you don't remove it promptly when the moisture reaches the ideal level.
    There is a company that made products that work 2 ways by adding or absorbing moisture as needed.  They were originally made for Cigars but people have reported the Humidity level was too high.  Recently they produced small packs with a Humidity level of 62% which they say is ideal for "Herbal Medicines".  I've tried them and they work quite well with no risk of adding too much moisture risking mold.  They're available at Amazon:
    I keep my stash in sealed jars in the freezer.  I only open the jars after they sit for several hours at room temperature to remove what I need for the next month or so.  When I seal up the jars, I'll remove the moisture pack, then fill the jar with Nitrogen Gas, available in pressurized cans at any fine wine store, online or at some good head shops.  Nitrogen displaces the air and oxygen with inert gas to preserve organic weed.  Freezing the weed isn't good if you're into it often but for long term storage it can't be beat for keeping weed fresh providing you don't open the jar while the weed is frozen.  
    Hope this helps, it works for me.  I've stored some trophy buds in small jars for going on 3 years now with no noticable loss of flavor or potency.  Let me know how it works for you if you try and like it.
  7. Glass jars are a dark cool place, and aired out for like 10-15 min every few weeks. Ive had buds over a year old curing, and shits still killer...though thats about the limit for me....a year.
    One lil trick I found ou w older drier bud......find a cork and a jar that fit one another. Soak the cork in water for about 10 min and then put your old bud in there and cork it.....wait 20 minutes and your have fresh almost spongy if it was some week old bud or something. I actually used that trick last night on some old Juicy Fruit ive had curing in a jar for over a year. I didnt even get to smoke all of it either, so I put rest of the bud in my regular jar w/out a cork and today it was still fresh as could be.
  8. An orange peel would dry it out faster.

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