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Keeping A Stash Fresh

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ReggieKuush, May 26, 2013.

  1. I usually buy anywhere from a half ounce to quarter pound of hydroponic kush at a time. Currently i always keep my weed in glass jars and leave them in my garage. I do this because i heard glass jars prerserve weed the best, and that a cold temperature (garage in canada) helps. Friends of mine throw in a piece of orange peel in their stashes but i dont. I usually have high-quality indica dominant strains. How do you keep your stashes fresh?

  2. Double post, still bragging.  I honestly doubt you've ever smoked any sort of high end weed in your life.
  3. A glass flip top jar that i open multiple times a day. Orange peels keep it fresh but give your bud a nasty ass windex taste. The best way to store it is in your lungs.
  4. i stash my nickel bag or my ton in a big glass jar in my closet
  5. I like glass mason jars! they're pretty cheap ( i get mine from hobby lobby) Don't fuck with orange peels cuz your adding moisture to the jar and risking getting mold. if you want to safely add some more moisture to your stash, add fresh cut leaves from your plant in the jars!
  6. nuclear powered anti-degration chamber
  7. tried it, i prefer the suspended animation anti-gravity black hole generater.
    Keeps your weed in a different dimension free of all known elements.
  8. thats some funny shit right der.  I keep my mids in a tupperware container cause they are mids and my kind in a medicine bottle air tight and light proof.  Unless your buying a butt load or keeping your stash for a while dont worry too much.  Just keep it air tight and outa sight...  :yummy: 
  9. I use a mason jar :)
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    Built a big humidor, like a foot locker, using grow room humidity controls. Pisses me off I can't keep it full, looks good for a few weeks though.
  11. it was an accident, i did it with my most of my points. chill bro, im a medicinal smoker im not trying to brag on an anomynous forum about weed

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