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  1. If you don't keep a mother you really should.. If you are taking clones from a clone generation after generation you will get "genetic drift" and your clones will begin to have mutations and abnormalities... You WILL NOT like these effects.

    I don't wan't to keep a mother because I view it as wasted production light and space so I avoid this by Taking a clone from a plant that started as a seed from my 1st generation and using these clones for my 2nd generation. Every spring when I am starting the 2nd generation I will take about 10 closes off of the 2nd generation and start them along side of about 10 germinated seeds (non-feminized). A month later I put all 20 of these solocup sized plants (clones/seeded) and put them into 5 gallon buckets then put them outside... Once fall hits I will kill all the males excluding one. I then take seeds from the buds of the outdoor plants, germinate them, and start them along side of the 3rd generation of indoor plants. When the 3rd generation gets harvested take your clones from one of the plants that was grown from seed.

    I have used this method for quite a while and had no problems with genetic drift... I only need to get new seeds once per year and I only get a max of 3 generations off of one "family". Every 3rd generation new genetics are introduced and a plant is forced to grow from seed. MAKE SURE YOU ARE BUYING NEW SEEDS EVERY YEAR AND NOT USING SEEDS THAT YOU "MADE" LAST YEAR OR YOU DEFEAT THE PURPOSE OF THIS ENTIRE POST!

    You should time your cycles correctly so that the 1st generation is going into veg around January, your second generation is going into veg at the start of may, and your 3rd generation is going into veg in september. This ensures that you will always be starting your 2nd generation when it is nice enough outdoors to plant outdoors.

    I grow plants from seedling to veg for 1 month in a seperate room.
    In my main room I veg for 2 months then bud for 2 months.... I start my seedling room up when I am a month from harvesting...

    I hope this helps people out because it took me a long time to figure out on my own....
  2. I didn't read all of this, if I'm honest I couldn't. after reading what you said about genetic drift. I know what that term means, I think you should look it up, look up the word clone aswell

    genetic drift happens through many generations of a species when it has been segmented. this cannot happen in one plant, a clone, no matter how many times cloned will aways be a clone, it will have the same genetic make up

    pests and diseases especially viruses can take it toll over time but the genetics will not change
  3. Genetic drift happens when your taking clones off a plant in other than ideal conditions....I have cloned up 10 times and the shops still loves to buy the stuff. Keeping a mom for years is a the bad idea.
  4. Ok well believe what you want. I'm just trying to help you... I'm telling you man if you take clones off of clones generation to generation your plant's will get mutations and genetic alterations. I don't know what you have been "reading" but when it comes to pot the term genetic drift refers to what happens when you take a clone from a clone from a clone... Why else would people keep a motherplant if they could just scrap one of their clones each generations...

    But if you don't believe me then go ahead and try. You will learn. Good luck.
  5. Trust me I learned.....I learned that the dispensaries pay a lot of money for my shit.
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    I have been doing this for two years with the same plant... I have never had a mother plant or have i ever had a problem.
  7. I like it.. seems like a soild method..
    When clipping clones. I have a aeroponic cloner I put them.. what lighting is reconmended for clones.. is 18/6 ok?
  8. Prob not by the time it turns purp..just take a couple clones from each and label them so after they flower you will already have a clone i the one you want to keep
  9. Is there any early sighns to recognize the pheno I want?
  10. U can cut clones while flower, your clones will need a little time to revert to vegetating again. Which can take 2 or 6 weeks, but them clones will grow many shoots..
  11. I do 24 hrs for 72 hrs then switch to 18/6 sativa indica it doesn't some will tell you 24 some 18/6 straight away. Definitely label em.
  12. Yea you can take clones in flower but i was saying it might not start gettin purp till like 6+ weeks so if you take them a head of time youll already have a clone..i think the purp pheno is purple early though so you might be ok just waiting to see
  13. I've seen my fellow growers doing clippings in flower with success
  14. I started my mother plant 2 years ago with a 4 watt cfl, then 2 months later changed to a 13 watt. That summer I put that mother plant outside and also grow 100's of clones from that mother.
    Right now The "seed" mother is dead Now but I still have the mother rite Now in clone from. Clones grow faster better , they take less dirt. And grow many many more clones. And if some of u will know, clones lack the "laws of seed growth". It's worth keeping a mother plant, I planted a random bag seed, grew it into a mother. The buds off the clones grow slite different them the seed mother. But the weed tastes the exact same!!!! The buds off clones or somewat %10 less denser then the seed mother buds, but the clones yeild way more bud. Mother bud or clone bud, it all taste the same. Glad I kept this sativa dominate strain, tastes better then kush, 2 foot plant outdoor yields an easy 200 g! Weirdest strain ever, it actually grows like a weed. Super glossy hulk green leafs n stalks.. The taste is unlike anything. It's more like creamy chocolate kushy deisely sweet coffee hash taste, I'd say its the best weed I've ever smoked, and it's ALL OUTDOOR, I gotta try it grown indoor. I gave a few friends of mine a cutting of my mother to keep her genetics safe and dispersed.
  15. there are a lot of things that effect growth, I believe your experiencing some of them when you see a difference in the clones, the clones are simply that, they are the same plant, genetically identical
  16. ive cloned really low growth on plants that were flowering for 3-4 weeks. if there are just a few calyxes and pistils it will go back to veg easier. if there are full buds it takes quite a bit for it to reveg.
  17. do you know if the pheno has other different traits also? smell, grow style, more sativa or indica on that specific pheno, or is it just one that turns purple and looks completely identical to the other non-purp phenos?

    im growing lots of this cross ive been working with and checking out the dif phenos. i find it pretty cool that you can notice plants grow just a little different than the rest and they always have the same characteristics...such as 5 of them could grow straight up and not branch at all and they will smell/taste exactly the same, but taste completely different from 5 other plants that decided to be more stretchy and branchy.
  18. So far I find the different phenos taste and smell different.. take cheese for example. All cheese was was a specific skunk pheno that stank like cheese.. I think its very cool u can get so much diversity outta one strain..
  19. yeh there are always different identifying characteristics of the phenos. such as for your example the stanky cheese skunk could look mostly indica dominant and every pheno you get that looks just like it will end up to have that stanky cheese smell. or you could plant more seeds of the same strain and end up with the mostly sativa skunk smelling sweet and fruity, and all of them in that phenotype will grow pretty much identical.

    so once you find the purp pheno, you may notice something unique about it during veg, and doesnt look exactly like the other phenos. or it could look exactly the same but just turn purple easier which would be hard to identify and would need to take clones from every single seed, which sucks to do.
  20. Right, good idea to watch to see once I flip em to flower if they showed different characteristics during veg.. I take a lot of photos so ill be able to go back. Thanks panda!

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