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  1. what is the best way to keep a mother plant ?

    Lights ?
    feed ?
    how tall ?
  2. the problem with mother plants is that they stay in vegetative state their entire lifes allowing them to grow massive as bud production is thru cloning. because of this there is no height minimum / maximum, my mother plants are allowed to grow to be 3 feet tall before i consider them a mother (when branches = available clones taller is better, simple)

    lights for a mother, depends on what ya got and how much money you can invest into your self sufficient stonedom. ( everything you spend on your grows is merley an investment that pays off 20,000% over the years keep this in mind when deciding your equitment)
    if you got a 400 watt mh or an anything mh (between 150-400 watts would be best) but because of the extreme height of the mother in relation to other harvests may force you to add some cheap extra side lighting,
    but anyway DEFFINETLY you want to go with MH if at all possible for really any type of vegetation . mh is best in the same way hps is best for flowering.

    on the feeding note, i have no idea what you want to feed it , are you soil, hydro, aero, what strain is it, whats your soils ph leaning twords, there are MANY MANY MANY questions that you will have to think about to decide what types of food would be best,
    i don't really "feed" my plants in terms of products or anything, i just add some basic things to my soil at first and only transplant just before flowering. (you know bat shit, etc )
  3. thanks so much , im growing in CoCO and i have 5 skunk #11 they are under a 400 watt hps right now and i use Coco nutes they are 15 days old and are doing very good
  4. I'm reading that some strains after 4 or 5 gens. Can autoflower and not revert.. is there truth to this? Is so what's it due to, poor genetics?
  5. I run clone off the last veg....I do not keep a mother. I have not had one of my strains auto from this EVER. If you grow healthy plants you have nothing to worry about...if you have problems growing you can end up with hermies and diminished quality very quick. I have cloned up to 10 gen. And had no problems. In my experience the 3-4 time cloning a strain is the strongest yields I have had. If you run cfls on your mom expect new clones every month. Mh/hps New clones in a week or 2 depends on your need.
  6. I grew a widow plant for two years doing ^^^^^ that. Had no problems.
  7. Cool, jus seeing.. I've read a couple accounts of this. jus kinda curious if anyone else has heard this?
  8. I use 40 watts of CFL over my mother, 2700k to promote a bit of stretching, this gives you more clones faster. she's kept in a 1' x 1' x 3' box
  9. i only keep mother plants for a few months about 2 feet tops, when i take clones i kill it and start a clone to be the next mom. much easier to take care of that way. i use a 125w cfl for them and keep the light far away to make her stretchy. i also feed absolute minimal nutes. pretty much no nutes are needed if you use fresh soil for each mom, the way i mentioned.
  10. I would be keeping moms under a 180w led... 2 will be from seed(Blackwater). 2 from clones (blue og & lsd). I'd like to get a yr outta them then switch..
  11. Rather then keep moms just snip clones b4 flower.....keeping moms is more work and an unhappy mom will give you shit clones. Use your LEDs to grow your clones while the other batch flowers.
  12. See this is what I wanted to do.. but see I have two large grows going.. it would seem if I'm taking clones from my plants before flipping, the plants would be pretty bare... make sense?
  13. Not at take clones from the bottom of the plant....the lower half is not gonna produce weight and it should be pruned anyway.
  14. Right, I typicall lollipop anyways.. so jus clone those.. how long before I flip do u recommend taking cuttings?
  15. Also another question.. I'm pheno hunting for the purp blackwater pheno.. now I won't know till its in flower.. cloning still possible at this point?
  16. I cut clones, wait 72hours then flip the them time to chill out from pruning stress......I don't do it but people clone in flower.
  17. So best odds would be pulla few clones from each?
  18. The best, fastest odds are pull what you need plus a few......B4 flipping.
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    I flower 1 week after first seeing roots. if I vegged any longer they would be root bound and too tall for my flower box

  20. Then in your case you need a my rooms....I don't have this problem.

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