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Keeping a Joint

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jakepriestley, May 25, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone, im new to this forum , so i thought i would post my first thread.

    Im getting a tenth to myself in a couple of days, and i want to save a joint to smoke with my buds, how long do you think i can keep a joint for? Is there a certain amount of time until the joint can go 'out of date' ??

  2. i'd say dont roll it until you know your gonna smoke it but what i do if i have a joint laying around is just give it a good lick and keep it in a bag or whatever to keep it moistened a bit
  3. Alright cheers man, by the way, do you know what stuff i can set up for a proper chill out smoknig session ?? Im really in the mood for a chill sesh :p
  4. you dont exactly sound seasoned, maybe the apprentice smokers section would be more suited for you
  5. yea post some questions in the apprentice section

    but to answer you, music + food + something to drink and maybe a movie on hand = win
  6. Computer games, gotta get the xbox out, some good munchies, some chill tunes and a comfy chair and you're set :)
  7. What is a "tenth"? 2.8 grams?
  8. Ermm, i wouldnt know to be honest. All i know is that it is worth £10 and on average you can get about 3 joints out of it.
  9. Where I am a ten bag (if that's what he means) is half an eighth: 1.75 grams.
  10. Yeh thats what a tenth is here aswell, where bouts you live?
  11. Good ol' England :D
  12. I keep joints in my little case I have for like 2 weeks sometimes. As long as the J's aren't getting bumped around you can keep them pretty much indefinitely.

    It'll get dry as fuck if you leave it sitting out tho, trust me... I took a huge hit off a 3 weeks old joint once, man that was harsh:D
  13. shit i was gonna ask everyone WTF is a tenth? but word wouldnt that be a sixteenth??? where i live we call 1.7gs a Half eighth. 25$.
  14. be carefull, I have the feeing your going to get skimped.
  15. I think it is because the price of an eighth is pretty unanimously £20 wherever you go in England and a half eighth is £10. So it's called a 'ten bag', 'ten bit', 'ten', or 'tenth'. Refering to the price, as opposed to the amount. Weird hu? :hello:

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