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  1. I'll be moving into an apartment sometime soon and I'm thinking about growing for personal consumption. I'll probably set something up in a closet... maybe 5 plants or so. How can I keep a constant supply of weed between harvests. Is there a way of storing it for an extended period of time to prevent mold/drying? A friend of mine suggested I should clip buds off as they grow, but shouldn't I wait until after the plant has fully developed to start taking the buds off? A fresh supply available weekly would be ideal. Can anyone suggest growing and/or storing methods that would work best with this goal in mind? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. If you grow 5 plants right, and it's only for personal consumption, you should have enough til your next harvest. One recent harvest here had 6 plants that yielded over an ounce per plant. If you limit your consumption, that would be fine. Or, you could do a SoG grow, which is a faster yielding operation but a lot more plants.
  3. if you harvest enough then you should have enough between harvest. And to store it, just put it in mason jars, and open them once a day for a min or two to replace the air. you should be fine
  4. Thanks bounty and whooligan..

    No mold? Even if it's very sticky? I've never stored weed for very long (a week at most) I was under the impression that you shouldn't really hold on to it longer than a couple weeks or so.
  5. yea you should be fine, as long as you open up the mason jar to replace the air. This is considering that you dried the buds pretty good before putting them in the jar. Everyother day you should gently shake the jar, this will get fresh air around the buds. oh and make sure the jar is kept in a cool dry dark place. You dont want the jar to be in direct light. You can keep buds like this for a long time.
  6. oh and if you think that the buds are getting to dry, throw a lemon peel or a apple peel in there for a day or two. or even a fresh moist bud, this will put moisture back in there. Just make sure you remove the lemon or apple peel after these two days or so.
  7. Thanks man... +rep for the helpful info. By the way, regarding your sig.. good movie.

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