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  1. So I've heard that you can put a branch in a bag or something(giving it 12/12) and make it start to show sex. Is it possible to do the reverse? I have a tent running 18/6 inside my flowering area. What if I zipped a branch into Veg tent? Could I just keep that branch Vegging while the rest flowered?

    I made an aerocloner so there is really no reason to do this but just :smoke: and the gears started turning.
  2. Not talking about revegging, I'm talking about simultaneously on the same plant. Can I zip 1 branch into my Veg tent(keeping it Vegging) while the rest of the plant is flowering?
  3. Interesting idea. Try it at let us know.

    It seems like it might disturb flowering...
  4. Yeah I'll try it on a smaller branch this next round.
  5. Crazy idea but I like those & it might work, at least until the rest of the plant had to be chopped up for smoking ;) And not sure what the application would be other than just trying to do something that hadn't been done before... that's cool too. Mainly I'd worry a bit about light leaks between the veg tent into the bloom tent.

    But my biggest worry... when you were a little kid, did you ever get a prized possession caught in a zipper????
    Man, that sucks :mad:
  6. Every boy does it just once....that's all it takes!
  7. You can't "put a branch in a bag or something", that's a dead branch. What you can do is clone the plant, which involves cutting a branch, rooting it, and potting it in soil (or into your hydro system). At that point yes you have two plants from the one original, and you can have one in veg while the other is in flower, whatever you want to do with them.

    This is the essence of a "mother" plant, a plant you keep in veg, take clones from it, and put the clones into 12/12 to flower.
  8. Did you read other peoples replies?

    He wants to have a branch vegging on a plant that is in flower just for the hell of doing it. Not picking off a branch and cloning it.
  9. Ah sorry, misunderstood the question. With that said, I doubt it will work. The 12/12 photoperiod induces a hormonal change in the entire plant. This causes the entire plant to produce flowers, not just the areas receiving light. I think the most this would do is screw with its photoperiod and stress it, probably resulting in a hermaphrodite.
  10. so are u cutting the tent and poking the branch out into the 16/8 light? try it and let us know i am going to guess NO but hope to hear from ya
  11. you should really go and read up on MJ botany....with the way all the hormones work together in a balance doing this would be a bad idea probably hermie for sure
  12. I like that dramatic effect. No, my tent has 2 zippers, you can make them meet in the middle.
  13. I understand it would just be for curiosity, but The only good I could see from this is to obtain seeds from the genetics. I see it flowering normally at first, but the. Producing male flowers. Who know though.

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