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Keeping a bong in a backpack

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by magoo657, Nov 16, 2014.

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    Hey guys so I want to keep my new bong in my backpack with me wherever I go, I now that it won't smell brand new, but as I start smoking out of it lots, it's going to reek, I was thinking what if I plugged both of the holes, the downstem and the tube with something, would that stop it from smelling so bad? My parents know I smoke but they don't want me to come home smelling like weed, or have anything on me. I'm in collage still living with my parents. Any ideas?

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  2. as far as bongs go, you need to keep it clean. so it shouldn't stink to bad at all. if it is moderately dirty i recommend iso alcohol and rock salt {any salt will work actually}. plug the openings and fill it up. let it sit for a couple hours to over night and you should be golden. if it is fuck all grimy and you cant get anything to clean it, i have heard CLR will do the trick no problemo! you should keep dryer sheets with you so you can stuff a few into the bong to help keep the smell down between sessions. good luck !!!! :metal: 
  3. I don't want to loose on a $200 dollar investment lol

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  4. Put a car air-freshener inside the bag as well, but don't completely remove the plastic or it will be annoyingly strong. 
    These work too, and also don't smell as strong as the little tree ones
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    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416227088.475203.jpg
    Your post made me think about this little guy... If you wanted to carry a bong in your back pack this would probably be the safest option. It seals up when it collapses, so you wouldn't really have to worry about smell.

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  6. Hahah that's cool, but I like a nice glass on glass bong lol

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  7. I'm not scared of getting caught with it, it's just the fact of loosing it.

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  8. You deserve to be caught then....

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    Clean it in and then run iso through it.
    So do an iso and salt clean.
    Then just dump a hell of a lot of iso through it.
    I would worry about your pack smelling like weed more than your bong.
  10. your parents know you smoke and don't want anything on you, yet you want to carry your bong around everywhere you go.....
  11. Carrying a bong in a backpack is unreasonable even before you consider your circumstances.
  12. They don't check my bag or anything, it's only if my bag smells, and they know that I carry stuff on me (they hate that) but as long as it doesn't smell or there is another reason for them to look in there, they never do.

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