Keepin your airstones in place...

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by killbros, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. To all those that are doing DWC and cant keep that damn airstone in place.

    Well I have heard of people using fishing weights. Well its more of a bitch to try and tie some fishing line to a weight and so forth so one day when I was smoking I laid eyes on my thermometer for my water. It happened to have a suction cup on it.
    I slid the suction cup off of the thermometer and then slid it on my air hose connecting to my airstone. Connected my airhose back on. Then you take the suction cup and suction it to the bottom of the bucket. Voila! Hope it helps out!
    It also works for frozen water bottles being placed in a warm/hot reservoir. Otherwise your frozen water bottle is floating around possibly hitting your roots. :(
  2. Like [ame=""]these[/ame]?

    They're useful at the start of the grow, especially with disk stones, but they become pretty redundant as soon as you've got roots to keep the stone down.
  3. yea they sell airline suction cups at any pet/aquarium store for about $2 per 5.
  4. Damn good advice! Im planning to builda DWC Automatic strain in a growbox and this is the sort of little detail that may change the sucess of a crop!

    Thank you very much for sharing, mate! :)

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