keepin um comin

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by thedanksta, Dec 29, 2003.

  1. im tellin u im gonna post til i cant post no more
    we get so many different strains comin thru here
    i could put a different kind on everyday almost
    but i'll keep um comin for all the pic lovers out there
    some piney stuff right here almost minty
    very yummy and i am blazed as a muh fawka
    numero uno

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  2. yeah
    remember when life gets u down
    just keep smoking
    just keep smoking
    just keep smoking smoking smoking
    who has seen finding nemo

    hahahahah roflmmfao

    just kidding

    numero dos

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  3. just keep swimming!
  4. see thoes are the same buds as youve been showing and its just kine bud
    so wow numero uno your smokin KB your special now!
  5. mmmm...
    standard bud :)

  6. wtf is kine bud
    and dont b a dick,
    i dont see u postin any pics
    i get weed and i post it
    if ur gonna cry about it,
    post elsewhere

    numero uno
  7. lmao, i think the guy MEANT kind bud, but just heard it somewhere, and thot it was KINE, , most definatly, P

  8. you dont gotta be a dick about it, it seems you are a little jealous, no?
  9. Its spelled KINE dick but pernounced KIND and no im not jealous high times had my bud as number one in the state and mine would kick your buds ass.
  10. since when was E pronounced as a D?

    Im pretty sure its kind bud. ive seen everyone else spell it that way, and say it that way. Although there was this time this guy at a party who was a real dick and claimed he had the 'best chronic' (like everyone else does :rolleyes: ) call KIME bud, we all told him he was wrong and he got quiet. heh
  11. ur bud has never even seen the pages inn a high times magazine now i know ur makin it up
    post somethin then bluntsmoker

    lets see that KINE BUD

    high times would have laughed at u for sayin kine ne wayz

    post somethin post somethin post somethin

    and id like to see bud kick ass never seen it don before

    and when i say post somethin it means a pic not ur negative attitude

    fo sugady
  12. kind. and theres no need to hate on em cuz hes smokin that diggity dank haha. im thinkin bout gettin a digi cam to post some nugs i got, maybe when i get some extra cash.
  13. digital cams are aweosme. i just got one and i love it. ill take some pics of some bud when i get some more, which might not be for awhile.
  14. well first off it is kine bud , originiatiing (s.p. im tweaking)from a hawaiin term, and it is now commonly pronounced as kind, but origanlly was kine bud not kind.

  15. Look guys, if this person chooses to go against the Ethos of Grasscity and be negative about the posts of others then just ignore him. It may be that if he smoked some of this amazing bud he boasts about he would chill out but come on now- ignore him and don't stoop to his level.
  16. wow you guys fight like 12 year olds. haha, just shut the fuck up and smoke some buds. Hey, When is a Gnome not a Gnome?

    When he's got his head up a Fairy's dress he's a Goblin!

    hahaha peace all

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