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Keepin the lungs good?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by viewfair, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, I don't smoke cigz at all just the herb, how bad are my lungs goin? I use to only really smoke bongs, now I prefer the high from joints, so I've been doing joints, is this alright? I actually care about my health, true stoner or not.
  2. If you're that concerned, vape/edibles. Hardly any risk. You should be doing no damage to your lungs in the long run. In other words, if you stopped smoking today, in a couple months, your lungs would be just like before you started.

    At least that's what I gained from watching Super High Me...
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    you good kid im smoking a j rite now heres some alternative edibles vaporizers hers sum joint philosphy knowledge weed hasnt been proven to have a negative effect on lungs and papers dont come with a surgeon generals warning like coigs or blunt wraps etc. so those cant have a neg effect on your lungs either just dont hold in too long and you should b good and try to drink green tea and orange juice alot theyre good for your lungs :smoke:
  4. bud doesn't damage the lungs nearly as bad as cigarettes. i went to the doctor the other day and the nurse told me my lungs were great, i've been smoking herb for 5 yrs ;)
  5. Inhaling any smoke is not good for your lungs. Although cannabis is very awesome and compared to cigarettes is not nearly as bad health wise.

    If your really concerned get a vape.
  6. Its so many factors that play out, CIGS are horrible on the lungs by the cigarette.

    I recently quit smoking squares, and I feel so much better, I can run for a bit longer too.

    And weed has effects too not just as harshly.

  7. Word, thats what I thought too anyways,

    Yeah, but are joints worse then bongs?

    Your sig is my background. :smoke:
  8. I could see joints being worse than bongs short term. Bongs make it so that the temperature the smoke enters your lungs at is pretty low. Especially if your bong has a perc and/or ice cather. Hot smoke can kinda burn (if that's the right word) your lungs.
  9. just do some cardio workouts everynow and then you'll be fine. cigs are 100x worse. i know cause thats what i smoke since i cant smoke da herb
  10. Why can't you smoke da herb
  11. Now, without going into comparisons I can safely say that if you burn/combust something then inhale it, it has the potential to cause some damage to your lungs and respiratory system. As someone said prior, if you are actually concerned about your health, look into vapourisation and/or edibles, which are unlikely to give you any health related problems at all.

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