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Keep urine warm for drug test

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Miguel_dopester_ooo, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. Best way to beat it just did it so it works let me know if it works for u got a clean sample from a buddy i out it in a portable cantainer u can buy anywhere small enough so it can fit in ur gooch i out on tighty whities and briefs over them then thermal pants on top of them then jeans it worked oerfect it kept the sample at 94 degrees i got that good job i was looking for...
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  2. Pretty much the same thing I do but I put the sample in a breast milk storage bag and I put the bag in thermos full of hot water on the ride to the test . Once there I put it under my balls with the tightey whiteys likes you lol . This has worked twice for me now
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  3. Grab a travelers shampoo bottle and clean it out very well, I used a mini iodine bottle. Heat up some water in a mug until it boils. Once the water is around 110 F then place the bottle with urine in it and place saran wrap over the mug. This will keep it warm for 30-45 minutes.

    When you get to the spot, tape the bottle under your shaft, it's not overly uncomfortable. When you sit down and wait make sure you are keeping your legs crossed as to not let any heat dissipate.

    When you piss, just snap the cap open and gently squeeze a stream of piss into the cup, the urine will be exactly at your body temp
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    All these guys are giving very good information to successfully pass your UA via substitution.

    I am a new member and this is my first post. I actually had a pre-employment screening this morning and have been on these forums religiously reading as much as I can and trying to expect all the worst scenarios. The forums are very helpful and I must reiterate that you need to practice and follow instructions to the tee.

    Here is a bit about me and my situation:

    26M / 5'11" / 155lbs. Fast metabolism, but diet has not been good lately. I do not regularly exercise anymore as I just had a newborn and my life revolves around his schedule. I smoke 3-5 bowls daily of high grade med quality buds for the last 4 years. 35 days clean (3/31).
    Tested at a Southern California US Healthworks.

    I originally received a job offer that my Father networked for me ( early Feb, clean for 5 days), but the original salary was too low and was not worth me putting my newborn in to daycare to just work and pay for I turned it down and continued to toke. Well two weeks later (around Feb 20th) the company called me back with a 50% higher salary offer, which I could not turn down. They created a position for me, which was going to take time to be approved so I thought "great this will buy me time". I stopped smoking on 2/25 @ 10pm. I get the call that everything is a go on 3/13, but explain to the manager (a good friend of my Father) that I can't start until mid April. The reason being that I had not found an adequate child care source for my kids. Well to add even more pressure of not embarrassing my father, my mother in law offered to quit her job to be a babysitter for our kids (her grandkids) as long as we could compensate 50% of what she was originally making from her job. Great....

    The company does all of its hiring initially through a temp staffing agency. The guy from the agency called me and sent over the application paper work along with the chain of custody slip, which helped me determine it was a 640SAP 5/50 GC/MS screen. He originally told me to get everything back to him asap within a few days and I felt very rushed. I explained to him that the hiring manager (my Father's friend) knew of my situation with my newborn and I wouldn't be able to start until mid April (remember this was mid March) so the guy from the agency told me to take my time. I sent the completed paper work back one week later and waited a few days to follow up. It was end of day on Thursday (3/31) when he emailed and said I needed to take a drug screen. At this time I was 35 days clean. I had bought 4 home test kits. I failed the first which was taken on 21 days clean. I passed the second one which was taken on 32 days clean. I then failed the last two on 32 days clean (last void of day) and 33 days clean. All using my first voids, besides the one at night on day 32. Well shit, have to sub now, but I have never done the substitution method and was nervous. At this time my mother in law had already given her two week notice...a lot riding on this pee test!!

    I had a QFplus 6.1 formula handy, but started reading recent posts of people failing and got nervous. So I decided to bribe my 5 year old son and he in turn agreed to pee in a cup for me. After reading the email, I was told to go to any US Healthworks Facility. Luckily there was one 4 mins from my house. I quickly practiced getting the temperature where it needed to be and did a time log up to 1.5 hours since the clinic was so close. After 1.5 hours the temp remained at 99.1 degrees.

    The next morning was the day of the test. The facility opened at 8 am, just in time for me to collect a fresh sample and take it to the lab. I started reading Yelp reviews and people were giving 1 star, claiming drug tests wait times take 1.5-2 hours since it was a walk in only clinic. I started to panic because I wasn't sure if the temp would be constant or not.

    My sons sample immediately cooled to 90.6 after 2-3 mins (I used a digital thermometer). I stuck the sample in my empty 3 oz QF bottle and in to the microwave in 4-5 sec intervals. I had a reading of 102.1 and realized the hand warmer wasn't as hot as it should have been (activated 40 min prior), but the temp should still remain in range since the clinic was so close. I stuck the bottle w/ hand warmer rubberbanded under my nuts with 2 pairs of compression shorts and thick raw denim jeans and proceeded to the facility.

    Collected sample at 7:35 ish and left at 8:17am, got to the facility at 8:25am. Told the lady I had another appointment at 9:15am and needed to be there. She assured me I'd make it on time. I was called back at 8:35 am and was told to empty my belongings in a locker. Went into the bathroom, with blue dye water already in the toilet. Closed the door and dropped my pants and pulled out the bottle quietly. Put the cup on the toilet and dumped enough in the cup and the rest in the toilet. Put the bottle back where it was stored and finished up. Gave the tech my sample and checked off that it was in range and only a single specimen test. I signed and was on my way!

    Feel absolutely relieved. Hope this helps someone or at least eases the nerves. Subbing was very easy. Just make sure the temp is perfect and practice practice practice!

    I'll be back with an update when I am notified.
  5. P/s: sorry for the long rant.
  6. just to add one point about temp....the it....uses two 9 volt batteries to keep the urine at perfect body temperature I think its like $150 bucks but a good investment if you know this will be a regular thing for you.
  7. Passed!
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  8. How did you know you passed?
  9. I stay on welfare so I don’t have to deal with all that BS.

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