"Keep talkin to my gurl, Ill kill you..."

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Fuck this punk nukka.

    Im pissed now. Im drunk now. Its not even 7 P.M.

    My ex girl i talk to all the time, She calls me up and says shes gon go to the park n shit. W/e ya know.

    Then like a hour later my phone rings, No caller ID, I pick up and its her. Shes sounds scared and like 5 seconds later punk ass Kyle starts yellin tellin her to get the fuck off the phone or he'll kill her ect ect. The phone hangs up.

    Like 3 minutes later phone rings again i pick up and its her again. She told me where shes at and that kyles freakin out and shes scared n shit.

    Well kyle used to be my homeboy, Then they broke up awhile back. Me n her got together, He found out we fucked and flipped out and threatned to kill me for like 2 months. And i woulda ended his life if he came at me but he wouldnt only says shit over the phone or if hes like 200ish feet away from me.

    So fucking phone rings like 10 minutes later, I pick up, Its kyle this time. He's all pissed the fuck off saying how if i keep talking to his gurl he'll kill me and shit. I laughed at him and fucked with him while hes all serious im jus fucking with him pissin him off even more.

    So he hangs up on me.

    Phone rings a few minutes later again and its him again, Hes sayin shes breaking up with him so she can go fuck me or some bullshit like that. And hung up on me.

    I went down the street a few houses to my homeboys. Got heated and rolled out with him.

    Looked for him all over and couldnt find him for shit.

    My cell goes off and its her, I pick up and she says he wont leave her alone and keeps follwoing her and pushing her around n shit. I asked her what streets shes on and she told me and we sped over there.

    Get there and see her walking down the street crying by her fucking self, Him no where to be seen.

    She jumps in and says he heard her say the streets and he took off running through backyards n shit.

    Fucking punk ass bitch.

    Got me all heated and drunk ready to do something...

    Im sick of fake nukkas and games. Talk shit bra, Ill get cha, With the tip of my pistol.
  2. Yeah man, that sucks that he doesn't know how to treat a girl, and that he talks shit to you behind a phone, bu tdo you really think shooting him, and ending his life over words is the right way to deal with it. I mean, obviously this guy has something coming to him, bu tit shouldn't be a bullet. Go find him one day and beat the hell outta him like man, not behind a gun man.
  3. do what you want don't listen to zepplin

  4. Exactly. Fuck guns. They are for hunting and protection. If you need to fight, then fight. Only time a gun should come out is if he's in your house. Beat his ass or leave it alone. Anyone can be a badass with a gun.
  5. For real man.. fuck him up with what you were born with. if you really kick the shit out of him he'll be too scared to ever come around or mess with you again..
  6. Yeah bro, that mentality was ok when we were all 5 yrs old. If you actually read what I wrote you would understand that I wasn't telling him not to do anything. I said kick the shit outta the kid, he deserves it, but killing him, just blaze, you must be an idiot to condone that kind of thing.
  7. Honestly id beat him in the face with a big ass wrench and tell him next time he trys to fuck around you'll shoot his ass.
  8. im with you ***** i got cha back...where you live? what were you packin? i wouldnt have just got my shotty and a 36" bat..:)
  9. yeah I agree wit you man, I wouldn't shoot him over that I'de jus give him a good ass kicking so he knows whats good..I mean, you guys were chill..
    jus 2 cents
  10. bubbles you crazzy kid haha
  11. No, but when this guys threatening to kill him, of course your gunna carry a gat. If I got someone threatening me, I'll carry my Ruger. That there is called a threat, and what do you do from a threat? PROTECTION. What is a gun? Hunting and PROTECTION.

  12. yo dont call my homeboy an idiot...we all have different tempers
  13. weapons are for pussies. ive been shot before

    (haha it was a .22 in the leg, that doesnt even count.) seriously tho, weapons are for pussies.
  14. when you're sitting in a jail cell doing life w/o parole you will think it was kind of stupid to waste some motherfucker for talking shit.
  15. I acculy agree with you man.. There is no skill in squeezing a trigger and shooting somone(except aiming but most of the time its not that hard) but that is how some towns and citys are. theres going to be guns and theres nothin else to do then roll heated. its just what you gotta do..
  16. haha so gangsta
    "went over to my homeboyz, got heated" lol, you better be black..
  17. Yeah your right, just blaze, I apologise for calling you an idiot. But, Mr. Bubbles, if we all have different tempers than don't we all have different opinions? If I have a different opinion than just blaze than why should he say, "don't listen to zeppelin?" If I am to be tolerant of him, shouldn't he be tolerant of me?

  18. nah i shouldnt but nonetheless somebody threatening your life shit i'd shoot him before he shoots me
  19. What does shooting this imaginary person have to do with respecting my opinion? If Mr. Bubbles, your homeboy, wants me to respect your individuality, then why should you respect mine. And another thing, yes, he threatened his life, but by his post it sounded like this kid is a pussy, I doubt he would've tried anything. I guess I'm an idiot for wanting a little peace in the world, why do you think every other civilized country thinks americans are all insane.:rolleyes:

  20. you better not be calling keepsmokinreefa a pussy.

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