Keep on 24/hr until flower?

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    Hey everyone, I've kept my plant under 24 hours her whole life, sprouting on March 31. She isn't sexed yet but I prefer female pronouns. Her stem isn't perfectly straight right now because I took her off of LST about a week ago and she was a bit shocked out for a couple of days.
    My main question right now is your opinion on the light cycle. My plan was to put her under 18/6 a few weeks after LST, wait a week or however long, and then top her. Possibly top her a few more times after that, wait until she has outgrown the room, then flower. But looking at her now, I am questioning the space. Should I keep her under 24, do the topping as planned, and flower afterward, skipping 18/6?
    By the way, this is a low-budget grow op with fluro's, and she is stacked on a bunch of books and boxes. It works. :) I know my closet is a bit of a mess on the floor, eh, whatever.

    close up of plant
    grow room
  2. Hey man il try to help as best I can.... Since ur on a budget grow I wud go 18/6 caus it's gunna save on electric bill even If it's a small change. As for the flowering u need to keep one very important thing in mind which is your plant will atleast double in size when u start flowering mabe even grow by a factor of 3. So by the looks of ur pics I would start flowering right away! Topping def looks like a must for u..... Not only will u kill ur height problem but ur gunna maxamize ur harvest horizontally which looks like that's where ur gunna get ur money's worth because u really don't have height.
    All in all u should be fine if u top and possibly lst them.
    I hope this helped:)
    -Happy Growing
  3. Thank you so much, man! They are fluro bars and CFL's, so luckily the electric bill isn't getting hiked to too badly. And I am definitely keeping the space in mind, so like you said, topping is a must and I'm gonna be doing it soon. I did LST, tied it down twice for a while so that both sides bushed out and I'm done with that now. I am aiming more for a bushy plant, not a tall one since the grow room is obviously a small one. I think I might just leave it on 24/hr, top her a couple of times, and then flower from there. I think I can just skip 18/6 on this grow. She is my first successful (so far, but I'm on this so much I know I can't let anything happen to her) grow so I'm really happy with her. I won't let her get much taller from here, so thanks! I really have to keep her size in mind.

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