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  1. Fake motha fuckers.

    People gotta talk shit, But not man enough to do it to ya face.

    Fuck that punk shit, Fucking lil pansy hold my dick between my legs because ima bitch shit.

    Ima real nig on the streets gettin my dough, On the streets been locked up in jail befo.

    Fool wanna say some shit to my ex-girl and talk to shit to her about her and bring up my name. How hes gon do this and that, And he punked me out.

    Hahah, Thas why he tryed to step up. I showed him im real, And he took off in his whip. Punk bitch.

    Im ready for this fool, Lemme find him, Ill be locked up again. Ill be upstate.

    Fuck this fool, Got me pissed, Trippin bout this dumb shit.

    I keep it real.

    Fool wanna talk this and that, Talk shit about when he see me. When he see me he gon be runnin for his life. 6 poppin 5 droppin all day everyday fool. 6 gunnin 5 runnin fool. Im real, Im tru, I keep it straight blue.

    Fuck with me fool. :mad:
  2. that was poetic angst. but dont go to jail, we'd miss you.
  3. man i'm fin balla, 5 poppin' 6 droppin' it's a freak world and you gotta learn to love it

    nah just fuckin' with you, but i am peoples and shit, but you know i ain't got beef with no folks unless they try startin' some shit, know what i mean. like KSR you straight as fuck man, i don't give 2 shits if you on the 6, we all the same and shit. do what you gotta do, don't fuck yourself over on some bullshit though, mother fucker probably ain't even worth it

    5 up
    6 down
    black and red in a freak town
  4. I dont care what people claim. Jus dont come at me and say some shit because what i bang for.

    Show respect and get respect. Shit one of my closet homies is T M C.
  5. motto of my fucking life dude
  6. honestly my head hurts from reading that could be the upper downwer crash but tone it down for the more lingustically challenged folks

    ^ what he said it ain't worth all the hassle you'll get from the boys in blue period

  7. shit i don't even know what T M C is but yeah, i chill with some folks and shit, i don't care what the fuck you claim. if you hate some one for bein' peoples or folk that's some bullshit who cares. i mean i know people got there differences over that shit i don't see why. i mean i'm peoples till the end, and if someone has a reason to have shit with a folk i got their back 'cause they my brother and shit. but i respect everything about you KSR your ethics and all, you a down mother fucker and like i said before you do what you gotta do.
  8. I've been listening to a guy called Immortal Technique lately, really intelligent guy. amazing flow.
  9. yeah, he's sick
  10. T M C is a count gang. Stands for 'The Maniac Countz.'

    If you really bang for people and jus know your gang shit you know theres alot of maniac gangs. Maniac Disciples for instance.

    I mean, I hate the senseless gang violenece no doubt. But jus fucking seeing the color red irritates me. All my rival gangs bang that color among other colors. But red is most common. It jus irritates me. I usually stare down anybody wearing red, Even if they gang related or not. I dont even mean to, Its jus like mandatory in my mind. I dont start shit i jus let it be known i dont take kind to that shit.

    But like i said, My homies T M C. Hes always wearing the plain red tee. Im straight with it. First time we met he told me what he claimed and i jus walked away cuz i was pissed.

    Over time we became good boys, Put the gang beef beside and got to know each other as people not gang members.

    Ever since that i dont have problems with other gangs, Jus if they wanna start shit or they fuck with my folks i fuck with they peoples.
  11. i'm the same way man. i almost didn't turn out 'cause senseless gang violence and shit.

    i look at people wearin' blue mean mug their asses as well, just natural haha, but like i ain't gonna start shit with someone over a color or number or anything.

    this folk from GA was up around here, cousin of this stone and shit, before i was anything really he tricked me into throwin' up the rakes, it pissed me off but we were all just jokin' and shit. i was throwin' the rakes down and i wasn't in shit or claimin' shit, but i was on the 5 you know. whatever though, pissed me off but it was still all straight

    i ain't even on no serious bangin' shit, but shits gettin' intense. my boys set and shit been gettin' into it with some hindus and shit, they came by my boys house sayin they gonna fuck his house up fuck with his family so there were like 20 heads waitin' 1 guy rolls by on a bike and don't even look our way, couple 4ch's on the corner heated, my boy's boys haha, had a king with a 22 on him everyone with bats and shit.

    shits gettin' real out here, and it ain't even a big bangin' community, schools all turnin' into gang shit. shits fucked up. nobody's fuckin' around anymore, it used to be you claim shit and it's like funny/cool or whatever, ain't nobody claim shit without bein' it. shit's fucked up 'round here
  12. If you aient on that serious bangin tip you shouldnt be claming that shit. You may be down with peoples, You aient peoples ya heard. No disrespect but if shits real dont claim if you dont bang unless you want to get banged ya heard. They turn on fake fools in they own shit.

    Shit is real out here. Fuck the bats and .22's. I see fools running round with the Sk's n Ak's. My homie santi was runnin with the Sk' jus two weeks ago.

    Shit is real. Out here you will get banged. Shits known. In my hood its known, If you aient Blue, You aient Tru.

    See man out in the burbs, They start this gang shit because it seems cool. The lots of drugs, The tons of females. The chains and the brotherhood. The nice cars and the cash. The thrill of it. Then they realize its all real. And before you know it you wind up dead.

    The burbs need to chill on it. None of us would be bangin if we at one point didnt have to. We aient like this shit, This shit jus reality.
  13. word, i hear you man. in the burbs shits dumb as hell, i ain't a false flaggin' ass bitch though. the suburbs compared to the city and shit, it's a fuckin' joke. i hear you man believe me. me i had no reason turnin' out. you right about all your shit especially the bold. ain't worth gettin' shot just for that shit, that's why i ain't on no real shit, i tried, and it just wasn't my thing, dumb move. like there ain't no reason there should be any gangs out here, but there are, it ain't much but it's here.
  14. Think what you want homie.

    Im coming straight gutter right now.

    Some people enjoy the shit.

    But alot of us, We're born here. We cant get out of here. We didnt have the means to get out of here. Our parents all on drugs and aient care. Ya know.

    We couldnt get out the ghetto, The ghettos rough.

    You hang with the biggest group of people you can find, The toughest and most respect. If you dont you're going to be getting jumped and fucked with and eveyrthing. Even young. I got a gun to my head at 9.

    So shit, Thats why i started bangin, Same with my brother whos 5 years older then me. He got me into it too. For protection. They jus took me in. Thats why i never got beat in, And never got into a specific gang.

    I jus banged with folks. And i dont enjoy it. But i cant turn my back on it.

    I want to get out of here, But i love it too.

    I love the good times i tell yall about, Jus having fun and fucknig around with the homies.

    But when it comes down to serious bangin time i get real stressed and hate it. Want to get out.

    So yeah, Think what ya want bro.
  15. im with u KSR blue all the way..i keep my bandana to the left side yeah thats the crips side
  16. we agree wow

    frat and sorirty bullshit is pretty much gangbangin' for white kids while reefa happens to go for a more wigger thing either way gangs are only as strong as the pussies in them lol

  17. bein' folk and all, he rocks his shit to the right...i assume
  18. well 6 is the crip he said 6 poppin 5 droppin..

  19. i don't know shit bout crips and bloods i'm done with this thread i'm goin' to get drunk and pass out at 9pm...have fun all

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