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Keep it medical

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SirDankness420, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. I've been dealing with mono for about a week now, and for the first 4 days of it, I had no access to bud. When I finally had the chance to smoke, my throat was killing me from being sick, I had muscle sores, and an extremely runny nose.

    I packed a bong hoping that it would help, and after 5-6 bong packs over a two day span, my throat feels better then ever. I haven't been on any other medications in this time span. Can anyone else attest to weed as the best sore throat cure?
  2. Mono is a viral infection accompanied by fever and fatigue that can run from weeks to months. Unfortunately marijuana is incapable of fighting against any virus, but it does mask symptoms.

    While smoke irritates the throat weed works to help you FEEL better and isn't that what matters. It's not going to help you recover faster, and unfortunately usually a sore throat get's worse with mono for a while but if it relieves symptoms for you than by a means keep doing it.
  3. Yup!

    I have a terrible cold at the moment. I took a 110mg edible a couple of hours ago and I feel human again, stoned, but human. :smoking:

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