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Keep Getting Caught And Dont Know What To Do

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheMindFreak, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. So I don't smoke very often and when I do I get caught. I live with my parents and they both smoke pot too but don't want me to smoke for some reason they won't explain. I use a homemade sploof, blow it out the window and leave the window open while I smoke. I even set my shitty homemade bong in the window so the smell goes out. I also use visine for my eyes but I just don't get how they keep catching me. Maybe the noise from the bong, but it isn't too loud. Does anyone have any tips to make it smell less or anything that would keep me from getting caught? They never leave the house so I am forced to smoke when they are here. They don't really punish me because they do it too but I don't want to get caught again. Please help!

  2. dude roll a joint and go smoke it OUTSIDE, away from the house. then i guess put eyedrops in or something. you can't expect to smoke in your room and not expect them to know lol. good luck man
  3. Don't have papers and have no way of getting any at the moment. I live in a small town so there isn't really anywhere I can go and its the middle of winter so I don't feel like walking around outside in freezing temperatures. 
  4. niggha niggha how did they catch da fuq.  deny smoking next time deny deny deny and then ask them how they knew you were smoking so they can prove it. then you know how they cauht you. smell, noise, eyes whatever. and then change it up and give it another go.
  5. The only conclusion that I got out of your text is that your under age.
  6. But you have a window open? :confused:
  7. I always find it funny when kids can't buy papers.
    As to your problem, are your parents seasoned tokens, as in do they smoke regularly? The question is not why you got caught, but how didn't you get caught? I can almost instantly tell when someone around me is stoned…. It's more than just, you wreak like weed, or you have red eyes. Your motion, when you go to do something, get up for the remote, the way you talk, the way you act… there's many factors you can look at.
    What do I suggest, you seriously have a chat with them, and find out the reason behind why they don't want you toking? Are they worried about your grades? Are you getting into trouble?
    As to how to not get caught, with stoner parents, just don't do it around them.
  8. Maybe they dont want their 14 year old smoking pot yet
  9. first, lose the bong and get a little glass pipe. just make sure to take the screen off of your window and blow ALL the smoke outside. spray a little ozium in your room after you smoke and it'll kill any leftover smell.
  10. You might have a man-to-man talk with your dad, and ask him WHY he objects to you smoking, when he does it, himself!  Hint- It is often easier for a parent to discuss sensitive subjects when the other parent is not around! and in the meantime, ask yourself these questions-
    Do you have decent grades, and/or hold down a job?
    Do you act in a mature and responsible manner? 
    Are you over 17? Several medical studies suggest that cannabis use before 16 or 17, may subtly disrupt the "rewiring job" your brain does changing from a "teen mind" to an "adult mind". Your parents may simply be trying to protect you, like they should!
  11. I wouldn't even bother doing it in your house. Take people's advice and smoke outside, it's obvious you're smoking but what are they going to do?

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