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    This may just turn into a rant , no idea but here's the story....

    I've been in love with this chick for about 2 years and shes known it. She'd walk into the room, brush me off and so whatever she had to do. After numerous men breaking her heart she turned Lesbian. After this Chick broke her heart now shes Bi.

    Finally after im done trying she comes around and tells me she loves me (Now she said shes like me since she met me) So we finally end up going out and shits been fucking sweet....

    Now if any of you go to highschool and your a senior you probably know about gradnite. Its where all the graduating students go to orlando and the whole park is closed down Just for them. I couldn't go due to the fact that im getting ready to sue the school.

    Now this chick has had a passed.. cheating on bfs and shit, doing many drugs... But shes become a christian and stopped all drugs and shit. Wont even smoke.
    For some reason deep in my mind i still didn't trust her, so i had my BEST friend keep an eye on her.. This dude has been my toking buddy and best friend for about 2 fucking years... He's the last person that id think would cross me.
    I dropped him off at the school to get on the bus for gradnite and im thinking, "Alright i got like 5 people keeping an eye on her, im in the clear"...

    They got back on saturday and she couldn't chill with me because her mother wouldn't let her back out. so i figure fuck it, i'll have a day to myself.

    I went wake boarding with a good friend of mine. So im out on his boat drunk and stoned and i get a text message from another friend of mine... and it said "Break up with your gf". At the time im thinking bs, someones fucking with me......

    The next day he texts me again telling me he's serious.... I ask him if he has any proof.... Next thing i know i get an E mail of her kissing someone on a ride.. and you'll never guess who? My Fucking Buddy.

    I would have taken a bullet for this kid and he goes and does this shit to me?

    Right now im sitting here with a drink and a smile on my face trying to figure out where the fuck shit went wrong, this chick has been hurt by guys so many times... She finally finds the one dude thats not gonna break her heart then she cheats on him in less than a month with his best friend? Harlot.

    Im not even mad at this chick, Its my buddy thats got me enraged. How do you fuck over your best friend?

    Any other blades have similar stories?
  2. Damn man that fucking blows to get burned like that :/, fortunately I haven't been royally fucked over yet but I always keep new people I meet at arms length now a days..
  3. Wow man that sucks, it really does and you have a total right to be angry. However at the same time you guys sound pretty young and not to offend but kind of immature. Obviously fuck her and your buddy for there only going to hurt you again in the long run but since I take it your in highschool and about to graduate take this as a wake up call. After highschool lots of things change, you meet different people and you mature in a lot of ways. Think in a new optimistic perspective and keep your chin up man.
  4. Yeah man i know what you mean. but this kid... If it wasn't for this kid i wouldn't be alive today. He helped me get a life again. You wanna know what both of them said when i asked how it happend? "It was in the monent"

  5. Yeah dude im about to graduate. And i WAS angry but not anymore. It just really hurts me inside knowing that i cant trust someone thats been with me through thick and thin.
  6. Damn bro, that's really dirty. But be happy that you're graduating and know that in College it's a whole different world.

    Also- out of curiosity- why are you suing the school? You can't say that and then leave us high and dry!
  7. I know exactly how you feel. It's always the ones you care for and wouldn't cross that seem to fuck you over. One was my girl at the time that had a bad streak with boyfriends that hurt her and the other was a homie I knew for almost 4 years who I never hurt and helped when he had a lot of people he couldn't trust and they ended up fuckin me over. I was mad but I got over it pretty quick like you did, it opened my eyes and made me less naive. People have a knack for hurting the ones that won't hurt them back.

  8. Why am i going to sue the school? Long story short all they care about is money with the assistant principal being a fucking coke head.. he got caught in the 80s. his record is public and yet he's still working there? Their ripping my mother off making us pay over 2000 bucks tuition that doesn't need to be paid because my sister no longer attends the school.. And graduating? im doing that online man.

    All this shit with chicks and life, i know about. its nothing new to me. It just surprises me WHO it was with
  9. Lose a friend over a chick? Never that. Sounds like you're one of those sensitive guys. Women are akin to wolves, they show no mercy when they smell weakness.
  10. I don't think this is one of those "weak moves" that you're talking about. It's not like his friend was a man about it, admitted to wanting his girl, and then the OP acted like a bitch and cried all the way home. He asked someone he trusted to watch out for his girl, and after he agreed to do that, he ended up causing her to cheat on him. That's where the weak move took place in my mind, ya know?
  11. I got sgit like that going down, except i was the one who took the girl, so the story goes, my buddy really likes this one girl that ive been seeing and i plan on asking out, well he found out that i was kissing her and now hes sending messages to people saying he wants me dead, even though the girl had explained to him that from the beggining he had 100% no chance with her and she thought they were just friends while my buddy was telling people that they were practically dating, so longer story short. I have to bring a knife to school tommorow because my buddy told my other buddy ( sorry for not using names ) that he was going to get his friend whos like almost 30 to come and beat me up. Who knew guys could be so dramatic... And such a bitch. Shit happens bro, deal.
  12. It sounds like you shoulda seen it coming, her cheating on you and all, but that's fucked up it was with your buddy. If my friend did that I'd confront him. If you're the violent type then maybe knock him around a little bit. But never trust him again, and I'd drop the friendship if I were you.
  13. kick him in the dick.

    Yeah, i liked this chick. i told my "bestfriend" to tell her whom i am, and he dates her that day. i was like. wtf. you knew i liked her for like a week.

    now here is the REALLL kicker. my OTHER friends get him to dump her cause they knew it was fucked up. lol, i honestly didnt care, i stopped liking her in a nano second.

    soo, my OTHER "friend" fucks her in a resturant bathroom, then just became daily humpers and shuch. she got pregnant..

  14. im not joking either..

  15. This is how it went down... When i called my buddy, before i could even say whats up he told me he knew why i was calling and told me what happend. Its just a hard fucking decision i have to make.... I really do love this chick but i know she'll do it again. And this dude is basically my brother. Now i've gotta make the decision.. Him or Her.

    And no im not going to fight him, he already told me that if i want i can pound him into oblivion but i rejected it, Hitting him wont do Shit in this situation. I know i cant trust him now.
  16. lol highschool drama is pointless man, you dont love the girl you are just immature, trust me.When you grow up you will look back at this and laugh for acting a fool.Everyone with a girlfriend in highschool claimed to be in love.

  17. I don't know your story 100%, but from my experience, take what you can:

    I loved this girl for a long ass time. From the time I was close friends with her, she dated huge fucking douche bags. I was never a dick to her; until I told her how I felt and she said she wanted to try as well... well she kept seeing this one asshole and he basically took advantage of her, and she complained to me like I was supposed to be accepting and do something about it. So I stopped talking to her for a month then starting again b/c I missed her (this was 3 months ago). Now I can care less about her because you need to look at your situation from a subjective point of view.

    My story is significantly longer than that but you'll have a moment when you learn that you need to move on and find someone else. No matter what you think, every girl is different, and you may find someone that's just like the girl you like right now, but one that actually gives a shit about you. It's truly not worth the issue and the heart-ache man. Just stop talking to her, and I'm being dead fucking serious bro, there's a time when you'll have the realization to just move on.

  18. Ditto. You don't love her man, she doesn't love you. Love needs to be mutual. Love is something you have yet to experience.
  19. you have two choices

    1. fuck him and get over it, move on

    2. kick his ass, let him apologize

    hes your best friend so i would go with 2
  20. Dude that's an obvious choice. You can forgive both of them, but only your friend is worth trusting again. Ditch the girl and try to mend things with your friend.

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