Keep condom on?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by ChiiDank, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Before you Guys bust a load while bangin a chick do you jizz in your condom or what? I need some advice so let me know. Iv only fucked one chick before at a party. But now I'm very serious with my girlfriend and I'm sure we
    Are going to have sex sometime soon
  2. Yea, just keep it on. I feel like pulling out, taking the condom off, and then busting a nut would kill the mood and the nut might not bust properly. Unless of course you're going from sex to a blowjob or something and not finishing immediately.
  3. Wearing a condom is like wearing a raincoat in the shower, what's the point? You're still going to get wet, either way.
  4. ya condoms work your fine, if you are really worried about it grip your cock AND the condom right after you cum and slowly pull out, if you wait around till your soft there is some separation between the condom and your dick and some leakage can happen. But again i think your worried too much but at least your trying to be responsible so its a good sign don't worry enjoy yourself

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