Keep cloning from clones or have a mother plant? (First post)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ehabrizek19, Aug 19, 2019.

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    I have a strain I really like, and I'm not sure how I should proceed.

    Some background, I just grow a few plants indoors, nothing major. I have a plant from a feminized seed in pre-flower and I want to continuously grow this strain.

    Should I make clones, go into flower, and just keep making clones out of clones? When exactly does this strategy stop working? I heard you can't do a clone from a clone that came from a clone, but I don't know why. Is it because clones retain their age and eventually the clones are too old?

    The other option is keeping the the plant that came from a seed in veg as a mother, and making clones that can go into flower pretty fast. Is this the better option? How long could I keep a plant in veg? The thing is I don't need that many plants at once, maybe just two at a time. Is having a mother more ideal for people that are making a lot of clones at once?

    I understand that I probably can't keep this strain forever, but I want it to last as long as possible. Thanks!
  2. You can clone a clone and keep cloning the clones forever. Whoever told you that you can't take a clone of a clone of a clone has bad info. It's an exact genetic copy so they are all 100% identical. You can clone every cycle without keeping a mother for years and years and years and the strain will always be exactly the same. If you have a mother you can take more clones more frequently but that's about the only advantage I can see

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  3. Thank you for this info! I don't grow that many plants at once, so it sounds like I don't need a mother.
  4. How come my clones look like this I cloned yesterday
  5. They look like they gunna dye and I used root solution
  6. I don't see any pictures. But you might want to ask this in a new thread, since it has nothing to do with my question, and I want you to find the help your looking for.
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  7. I used to keep mother plants but now I just clone from a clone to save space and have never had an issue
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