Keene, NH has managed to place a tank within the ranks!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tflga, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. To their reponse: "we dont know what the terrorists are thinking"

    Small Town Militarization: Keene, NH Gets a Freaking Tank « Blog

  2. Yeah keene activist are pissed off about that. Police knew that keene is the most political activist cities in the America. Police are scared shitless. Thats why they need a tank! To show them who's the boss of the block.
  3. Senior prank at Keene High School: Fertilizer bomb to the tank. Problem solved, everyone goes home happy :)

  4. Keene? New Hampshire? LOL....

    The acquisition of the "Bearcat" in Keene is ridiculous, and most people here are rightfully annoyed with the city council's decision.

    It will most likely just end up being used as search and rescue vehicle.

  5. I wonder how hard it would be to stick a nozzle from one of those expanding foam insulation kits into the various ports and holes...and let lose with as much as it can hold...
    the whole inside personnel space (and engine) filled with hard foam insulation, to protect the public....ya to protect the public!
    we have to think of the public good, the public safety, the public's protection from terrorist within as well as outside...Keene police and city council, either you are thinking of the public's safety or you're siding with the terrorist, let us fill it with foam!:p

  6. who on earth uses a tank as a search and rescue vehicle???

    that makes 0 sense.

  7. that's penny for ya...;)
  8. This seems to me a small step towards militarization and a police state that is probably going to go unnoticed in our time.

    Of course, I think that when the revolution comes and we look back, this will be the first unambiguous sign of our decline into totalitarianism.

  9. It's not really a tank. More like a beefed up hummer.

    Considering the number of rural, unpaved roads, it could have SOME use as a search and rescue vehicle. Is it necessary? Absolutely not. It's ridiculous.

    I'm just saying that's all they'll end up using it for since nothing else happens around here.
  10. Search and rescue, my ass. Let's use the tank to transfer politicians because everybody got a gun over there. It's so radical and dangerous! Oh noes, a politician is in danger, lets use a tank to save him!


  11. its tank enough to scare you shitless when it "rescues" you from protesting with a trip to the ICU

    no one pays $300,000 for an S&R vehicle
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    I wish you were right but were talking about government here, they don't give a fuck its not their money. :(
    Remember the Pentagon spends $640 on toilet seats, $7600 on coffee makers they don't give a shit.
  13. I gotta steal their coffee machine. I bet it's the best ever, right?
  14. LOL, the only "protesting" that goes on in Keene is when someone's beer glass is empty.

    Yes, it's a ridiculous amount to spend on a vehicle that literally will not be used for anything, other then maybe the occasional S&R.

  15. Dude! I'm in this video!

    I was in Pittsburgh for the G20 Summit. I was like "Hey I remember being on Liberty/Penn when that was ... HOLY SHIT THERE I AM"

    Then they gassed us on Butler st. Good Times :hello:

    Cops are a joke. They don't have the balls to be real men so they have to dress up in costumes and hurt people so they can get it up.

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