Keck clips. To clip or not to clip? What do you like?

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  1. Hey blades, i dont think i have started a thread in a while here.
    I was wondering how many of you GonG owners prefer keck clips and how many dont.

    Please explain why or why not.

    :wave:Have a nice night blades.
  2. not a GonG owner yet. but when i do, im having a k clip definatly. my buddys diffuser always came out when i pulled the bowl. and that will make you take a way bigger hit that you want when your tryin to figure it out.
  3. If I had a Keck clip I'd forsure use that shit. Im not about to go out of my way and buy one though.
  4. I like using them.

    It's comforting when you go to clear your bowl. You know that there won't be a freak accident resulting in a broken diffuser.

    You'd be surprised what goes through your head when you are high about to clear a bong.
  5. ha i forgot to post my own.
    I try to keep one for all of my tubes if possible. I have never had any problems with new comers, except blowing into the bong! haah but at least nothing broke. Some people can get intense on the slide pulling. And i mean like you hear a loud "*****" when they end the hit and replace to the bowl to the downstem.
  6. I've never used a keck clip but its on my list of things to buy for a while. I'll probably grab a few sometime this week. Thanks for reminding me.

    I've had a lot of friends try to pull the bowl and the diffy comes with it and they always clear it while holding my diffy by the bowl above the ground. And all i can do is sit there and cringe just watching my poor diffy hold on for its life. I always tell them if the diffy comes with it put it back in then clear it, they never listen:(
  7. i do not like keck clips...
    they doo doo on the look of a nice glass on glass.

    my stem never comes out with the slide.... i just twist the stem in tight.
    i've never had a problem with any of my gongs w/ out keck clips
  8. They always toss me them for free at my local headshop, I have a matchin k-clip for every bong.
  9. Nice! Yea my blue Illa with matching blue ac and a blue clip thats almost like the same exact shade of blue, fits together so nice. I used to have this lighter that was also the same exact color of blue but it ran out a long time ago. =)
  10. Using one right now and i rather use it that NOT to say the least. Gives me that extra feeling of protection when im about to clear a phat one.
  11. maybe im high but that had me creacking up. Its like the condom of downstems the way you described it.

  12. LMAO i thought that too :smoke: Good shit
  13. I definitely use them when i use my ashcatcher, it's always great to have some extra reinforcement. Plus i got mine for free with my Roor a/c so i might as well use them lol
  14. exactly...I dont even know where to buy one

  15. Any headshop that sells roors or illys or bongs like that.
  16. I love my keck clip. I feel it adds appearence to a bong. Heard their pretty expensive though.
  17. you can get them on ebay or any good headshop. expect to pay like $15 for a pack of 5 on ebay, or up to $10 a piece depending on who is selling them.
  18. Word, spliff word. They are available in most GOOD shops, but you may have to look and ask at a few diff stores to find them. And online are a lot cheaper, but then there is s+h costs. I get them for 5-10 each in stores. They are very handy & come in all sizes so it shouldnt be hard to find one. Sometimes you can buy them really cheap or get one free if you buy a setup thats costing you, since its just a piece of plastic.

    Edit: Either way, paying 5-10 bucks for a plastic clip is much better then buying a brand new downstem for 20+ dollars.
  19. You might as well keck klip. Its like $1 a clip and alot of places give em out for free. And you get like 100 times better chance of NOT breaking your downstem.

    I see no downside.
  20. does anyone else find that the clip spoils the seal between bong and downstem?

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