Keck clips keep breaking, need help.

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by eleeschalow, May 15, 2010.

  1. So this is a silly question since it should be pretty straight forward but am I doing something wrong?

    I line up the clip with the joint and the diffuser and i lightly push the back of the clip for it to slip forward and to clip. Except when I did it one of the connecting things broke(like snapped). Am i doing something wrong here or is it the clips? Thanks
  2. it's up-side-down
  3. When you mean upside down do you mean the position where the K clip is supposed to go on the joint? Like the top of the joint or the bottom?
  4. The larger side goes on the bottom. Just look at any of the pics/videos around here of others' clips.
  5. sounds like it's upside down. i've had clear k-clips break for no reason and they weren't upside down.
  6. Yea I guess I am doing it right, and the Keck clips I am using are clear so that might be the issue. The guy is sending me black and white and clear as a replacement so hopefully this will not be an issue with the white and black one. thanks guys
  7. Get it warm and stretch it out to fit like you would a plastic mouthguard. Boiling water works if you do it quickly.
  8. perhaps the wrong size?
  9. Nah there the right size only because if they werent, all the connecting arms would snap.

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