Keal Meal for Trace minerals?

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  1. First off,this site is WAY better for information that all of GOOGLE combined!! So, Thanks! Anyhow, I was planning on using kelp meal for my trace elements since I'm starting to notice a Ma/Zinc and Boron or well lack of. My grow is all Organic so, I figured Kelp was the solution to take care of my minerals. Everything else is Golden though!! I tend to Ramble, using chems are lame haha ..Anywho, my question I can't seem to Find anything Kelp around me in the quantity I THINK (I say think because I don't know the amount I need per part) here's my set up - Loamy soil with Goat manure and some Castings throw in (Goats were feed STRICTLY Alfalfa also) Two 55 gallon Drums of Soil (Gonna throw in some Rock Phosphorous as well) So, finally my question IS - How much Kelp would be needed?? Also, could someone suggest a site Online where I could get Kelp for cheap? (There's a Hydro shop by me but their pretty useless as for as my Question and they only have 5 lb bags of Kelp for 20 a Bag if need be I guess I could work with that? I just smoked a Bowl so again, sorry for the Ramble:) Thanks!
  2. Find out where the goat manure source buys his feed. Feed stores carry kelp meal as it's used for cattle, chickens, hogs, horses, etc. And goats.

    The kelp meal processor is on the East Coast in Nova Scotia so depending on how far you live from there will be the major determinate in the price you'll pay. On the West Coast which is as far as you can get from Nova Scotia in the Lower 48, the prices seems to hover around $80.00 for 50 lbs. or $1.60 per lb.

    If you buy it in a box I've seen it as high as $4.40 per pound - insanity. That was a national brand - Dr. Earth if I remember correctly.

    Rate of application would be 1/2 cup to 1 c.f. of soil. Kelp meal will cover all 73 elements needed by a plant. There is absolutely no benefit from high-dosing with kelp meal or any of the powdered seaweed extract products.



  3. IDK, that says it's Sea Salt. Might not be the best thing for your plants.:eek:

    Kelp is a type of seaweed.

  4. Maxicrop soluble seaweed powder is a great source of seaweed nutrients and has more K than most. It's lightweight for cheap shipping, has a very long shelf life and is very concentrated so you won't have to buy big containers. While Kelp Meal is a good organic fertilizer, I personally don't use it because Maxicrop is better imho.

  5. Wet

    It is sea salt. Period. I bought their 10 lb. minimum ($25.00) several months ago and read their brochure and looked at the claims - blah, blah, blah, blah

    I applied it 1x and there's 9. lb. 15.75 ounces sitting in a bag in the garage.

    Next time I'll head over to Whole Foods and pick-up some sea salt from France. Or Hawaii. Or somewhere. At least I can use it for cooking.

  6. Haha well, now I know the answer to That! Thanks!! I think I might just use a Liquid seaweed for now?? I've being hearing that Alaskan fish Emulsion ins't the best to use?? Why is this??

  7. GeoffK21

    From the kids down at Dr. Elaine Ingham's business,, in Corvallis is this explanation of the differences between 'fish emulsion' and 'fish hydrolysate'

    Neptune's Harvest fish products are the 'fish hydrolysate' version and is a good, solid product. It's main appeal is that it's one of the few that are distributed nationally as many of the other products have a regional distribution area and if you're near a coast you'll have many options to choose from - good, bad and the really, really ugly.

    You cannot beat kelp meal. The powdered extracts from Maxicrop and Acadian Seaplants are fine products (though Acadian is 40% less than Maxicrop and is human, food-grade) there are many compounds, phytohormones, et al. that are lost in the extraction process.

    Here's a good overview of the benefits of straight kelp meal from a respected marine biologist - link

    The type of kelp/marine algae/seaweed that both Maxicrop and Acadian Seaplants uses is the Ascophyllum nodosum variety (brown kelp) harvested from the North Atlantic.



  8. LOL Do you know anyone with livestock? They'll love it.

    Or, the next time you brew up some AEM, use that in place of the magic sea salt from 2 miles deep or whatever.;)

    Is there anything in it that would prevent you from consuming it?

  9. I have used the Sea-90 in FPE's. For a trace mineral profile in a fermented plant extract, I think its a good additive. I only use 1 tsp/ga in the FPE, and then use 1/4 cup/ga of the FPE in water.

    At that rate of application I feel it's safe and effective, but as LD says,

  10. Using the SEA-90 product in an FPE is 'okay' I suppose but in doing so you're breaking the ol' "space-time continuum" noted by the devotees of Dr. Higa's EM-1 product line.

    See they promote (and sell) a 'special salt' which is made from sea water that is harvested in the Sea of Japan off the coast of Okinawa at depths > 400 meters.

    BUT - it's ONLY harvested during a full-moon so there is that to consider.

    When you get into 'real science' it can get pretty dicey if you begin to freelance and think outside the box.

    "400 meters during a full moon" - ya just gotta love it!

  11. Sea-90=25-26 bucks for 10 lbs.
    Dr. Higa's EMX Gold Sea Salt=4ozs. for 21.99
    400 meters deep on a full moon=priceless!
  12. $88.00 per lb. eh?

    The Dawgz's head is spinning around like the kid in The Exorcist - eyes bulging, drool and other liquids shoting out from each and every orifice on my head.

    Man I'm definitely in the wrong business.

  13. Chunk

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  14. In the interest of full and HONEST disclosure:
    Apologies for missing the truth by 212 meters.



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  17. Ahhhh...........thanks for the Talking Heads up LD.....been awhile since I enjoyed that song.


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