kdiesel's back of the basement grow(2019)

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  1. What up blades a new friend of mine advised me that i should start a journal to keep track of all this grow related shit and get advice on the fly...makes sense right?

    Okay here we go:

    Lights and ventilation
    1x400w hydrofarm ballast
    1x600w ipower ballast
    1x400w hortilux hps bulb
    1x400w hortilux mh bulb
    1x600w hortilux hps bulb
    1x600w hortilux mh bulb
    1x240 cfm booster fan
    1x190cfm inline fan
    1x 4" carbon filter
    1x air cooled reflector
    1x shitty ass batwing reflector

    more to come.....

    3 part davids grow(local midwest brand)
    2 part gh flora duo(givin it a try, hey it was free...lol)

    botanicare cal mag
    gh ph up and down

    Purple Maroc
    Exodus Cheese x 2
    Kandy Kush x 2
    super lemon haze
    whew....okay....got that over with..:rolleyes:

    This year i'm growing in sunshine mix #4 with a dwc experiment on the side...so far the ss mix is growing a little slower than my dwc grow last year but its a hell of a lot easier!:D The reason I'm growing so many different strains is to find one or two that i really like for SOG. I'm also trying to get my room dialed in to start up a perpetual grow. Its gonna be a fun learning and growing experience.

    On a side note for those who care, I'm getting my outside plants started inside this year....
    petunias, poppys, snapdragons, impatiens, etc...

    Okay enuff talkin, on with the pics!


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  2. thought i'd add a pic of my outside plants too:):)
    these are goin outside today to make room under that t5 for clones...:smoke:

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  3. 1st, Haha!! Looking good, subbed and I ain't going anywhere!!!! :D:smoke:

    Good to see you start one up!!
  4. Thanx bro! Was gettin a lil lonely in here...lmfao....ima try and keep it up, it really does help to get shit on the screen:)
  5. Glad to have u along for the ride lilj!
  6. good to watch local grows my friend! Perhaps we can swap some clones and such sometime down the road! Lookin good so far bud! Ill be lurking! lol
  7. Yes! New grow to follow! Subbed!
  8. Subbed! Looking forward to some great growing growmie
  9. u in the chi?
  10. you're welcome here bro! glad to have u!
    hell yeah...cuz we do this shit!!:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  11. Subbed. Keep it up dies, we wanna see these give birth! Hahaha
  12. in the 815. bout 45 mins from the city.
  13. [quote name='"LilJ86"']in the 815. bout 45 mins from the city.[/quote]

    That's wats up! Sounds like we gon be tradin clones one day...lol
  14. [quote name='"BeeMduB916"']Subbed. Keep it up dies, we wanna see these give birth! Hahaha[/quote]

    Trust me u will...if I don't smoke them bitches first! That chemdog stank already..lol
  15. That chemdog is some bomb shit too
  16. whats up man....im using that same 600w ipower ballast i think...it has done well for me so far
  17. subbed look nice

  18. Yea...mine was on some bs...had to send it back in...they got great customer service tho!
    Glad ya stopped by growmie!
  19. Yeah, the 600w hps bulb they sent with it was broken, they sent out a new one immediately, that one didnt fire, 3rd times a charm and it worked great....no problems but that little hiccup

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