KC Chiefs!!

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  1. How Bout the Chiefs Today. Wether you like em or not they impressed lot of people today.
  2. Dont jump the gun. You beat the chargers, 49ers, and browns. Three terrible teams.
    Their combined record is 1 - 8...
  3. Don't jump the gun saying they're terrible teams.

    It wouldn't be suprising at all to see the Chargers and Niners pick it up.
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    Well they have Indy and Houston the next 2 week so we'll see how good they really are. I'm not sure if they'll make the playoffs this year, they definately have a chance we'll have to wait and see, but i think next year they are a definate playoff team. They have A LOT of young talent on that team.

    I just can't see them making they playoffs this year with Cassel at qb, i just don't think hes very good.
  5. impressed, but not suprised...you've got a lot of young talent...you're going to lose some games though because the team relies on so many young skill players...definitely have good shot at the playoffs with the afc west sucking it up this year (broncos fan here btw)
  6. Dexter McCluster is cool. That's about it.
  7. As is Charles. They have Thomas Jones on the roster and he still manages to tear it up.
  8. Gotta love TJ...

    Still miss him not being in a Bears jersey. He's still got it
  9. chi bears though...:D
  10. The Bears haven't sucked as bad in the past as the Chiefs.

    I wanna see some new teams make the playoffs. I'm a fan of underdogs.
  11. KC home of the chiefers!!! hahaha

    I think they're going to at least make it to the playoffs. (as long as they don't pull what they did 2 years ago, 5 game winning streek then like a 7 game loosing streek)

    Lots of rookies, and fast ones at that. Most of them were track runners and had supposidly set unofficial world records for sprints and such.

    Jamel Charles already set a new NFL record :eek::smoke:
  12. Have you guys seen the rest of the Chiefs schedule ? They could quite easily make the playoffs.

    While the Chargers and 49ers do have poor records, they aren't as bad as their W-L record looks.
  13. Dexter McClusster is the shit dudes:smoke:
  14. Raiders fan here.

    Fuck the chiefs. That is all. :wave:

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