kc brian 36 , prunning befor and a week after pic

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  1. here are some pics of my kc brian 36 plant, i decided to prune it to give it a christmas tree shape, and omg its working very well, my plant is being fed of a special home mix, which consists maily off bat shit,5 mill per 5L once a week and water with rain water every day except the day after i feed her, :) she is now 2 and a half months old :) let me know what ya think :)

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  2. the befor and after btw are the two top left hand corner pics, the pruned pic and what she looks like a week later!!!!
  3. He finally found your grow! Looks good![​IMG]
  4. [quote name='stachi']He finally found your grow! Looks good![​IMG]
    Stachi[/QUOTthry looking goof wil get soem hd pics up soon
  5. pic wto come tomorrow , and my girls are doing great, 3rd n 4th one in turn out to be male so i got them out as soon as i could... they are looking beautiful,
  6. Wow look at those seedlings sprouting in a cup of...paper towel??? Why did you do that and how did you transplant?
  7. I think you should have left them alone. The first plant is much better than the one stripped of its leaves.

  8. nice crop... neat germination... creative. no need to poke and see if its sprouted. just pull out the paper towel and out they come... nice..
  9. [quote name='grassdude']Wow look at those seedlings sprouting in a cup of...paper towel??? Why did you do that and how did you transplant?[/QUOTe

    just rapped bog roll nicely round my fingers trying not to creasthe then popped in the the glass and put more bog roll in teh middle, then i carfly with tweesers put the seeds about and inch and half down with the point of teh seeds facing down,and then added water, i tipped the glass up side down and made sure all teh exses water dripped out leaving the tissuse nice and damp, ( thats all it needs to be, teh i wrapped it in clean film and put it in a nice dark warm place, every day i let air in and put it back, it took about 8 day for then to reach the the edge of teh glass, because the seeds where kept in the dark the small leave where yellow, dont worry this is perfictly natural, then i put it in window not direct sun light for 3,4 days till they got a bit bigger, i transported them in an old kettle box which i stuffed with tissuse and planted them in a small plant pot for a few weeks, each day i would put them in teh sun for a few hours, continued this for about 3 weeks then i put them out side in a pre dug hole wwhich consisted of coco perlite and virmiculite, will put pic up of them late today, they are very beautiful... looks cool works well,
  10. i did it because i was shown how to do it and it works, will do all my seeds this way in teh future, means you dont have to toutch them you can just see through teh glass,
  11. thanks dude :) and yes they are comin one beautifuly :) im dreaming of a budafull christmas :)
  12. gcpasserbye and thatguythat.. i agree, but the are altera motives at hand here, i have spoek about this in one of my forums regarding pruning of fan leaves, in teh short by continuing to cut the fan leave you premote more growth to the top of teh plant, im new to this and it was an old friend whos been growing in this part for longer than i have been alive, so he must no a fing or two, any way each to there own, and as for the fact that the leave are needed well my plant is in perfect health, she is growing well and is starting her second week in flower, im am very happy with her rappid bud development, tomorrow ill be cutting some new fan leaves off and will cut every leaf off with more than 5 finger, im not worried about will teh plant move enoght water or suger to the buds as the buds have leaves which i belive and i have read can support there own growth and development, the focus now is purly in teh bud and bud only,,,

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